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This Blood Test Reveals When You're Going to Die

“I was fired for not shoveling my sidewalk” Imagine getting arrested because you didn’t shovel your sidewalk. Or being banned from riding the subway because you watched too much TV. Sounds crazy, but a “Social Credit System” like this is already in place in China. And now it’s coming to…

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Harvard Geneticist Plans to Cheat Death

Facebook To Compete with McDonalds This week, Facebook announced it will be opening a number of cafés. Are hamburgers next? Get the scoop here » How To Stop Falling for “Phishing” Attacks Despite increased security and vigilance, we still keep falling victim to cyber security attacks. But now Google has…

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Earn $19,000 While You Sleep

The CEO of Apple Hates His iPhone The newest gizmos and gadgets used to be reserved for the super-rich. But surprisingly, wealthy consumers today are starting to boycott these devices. Click here to find out why » Facebook Owes You Money Tech giants like Facebook work hard to get people…

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Facebook Has Your Data — Even If You Don't Use Facebook!

Staying in a Hotel? Don’t Go To Sleep Before You Do This One Thing Germs, bacteria, bedbugs — hotel beds can be filthy. That’s why you should never get under the covers before using this gadget. Learn more here » Now Available: “Breakup Butlers” Going through a messy breakup? A new…

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Gov't Announces Plan to Legally "Hack" 200 Million Devices

Take a Nap in a Stranger’s House Imagine coming home after a long day to find a stranger napping in your bed. It might sound crazy, but this concept has already turned into a multi-million-dollar business. Read more here » Meet the First Woman on Facebook  Before Facebook could become…

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Cure for Cancer Discovered in the Holy Land

New Laser Can Deliver Secret Messages Using cell phones to communicate is so old fashioned. Instead, try out MIT’s new laser system: now, secret messages can be delivered directly into your ears. See how it works » Get Paid To Use Facebook Some consumers are getting paid by Facebook to…

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U.S. Nuclear Weapon System Just Got Hacked

Facebook is Following You Facebook’s new tech gadget features a motion-activated camera that can follow you around a room. For a company trying to win back the trust of its users after some nasty data breaches, this is a curious move. Will you trust this thing? » Your New Car…

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Facebook Might Owe You $8,000

This Treat Could Help Dementia Patients After his grandmother was rushed to the hospital due to dehydration, Lewis Hornby decided to create a water-based treat. As it turns out, his invention might help those suffering from dementia. Read more here » Did You Get a Text Message from the President?…

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