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The First FDA-Approved Video Game

Warning: Don’t Turn on Your Lights! Computer hackers have developed a new way to eavesdrop on you. And their tactics might force you to live by candlelight. Learn more here » NASA Needs Your Help NASA’s had a tough time moving its rovers around Mars. Perhaps surprisingly, you can help.…

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Can Botox Fill Up Your Wallet?

“Have you considered Botox, Mr. Milner?” Uh, what? I was at the dermatologist and had just gotten the all-clear on my check-up… But evidently, the doc thought I should consider some enhancements. Actually, he thinks just about everyone should consider some enhancements. Which is why I’m writing you today… Fill…

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Could This "Hat" Cure Cancer?

[Video] Dutch Police Use Eagles to Take Down Drones How are you supposed to deal with that suspicious drone zooming around your backyard? Well, you could jam its radio, you could capture it with a bigger drone—or, like the Dutch National Police, you could use an eagle. Get the net.…

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