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This Is Porsche's New Flying Car

Make Sure Your Boss Sees This Does the idea of switching to a four-day work week sound appealing? Microsoft just tried it… and the results were stunning. Learn more here » This Bank Is Offering 3% Interest A new bank is offering to pay a whopping 3% interest on your…

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Amazon Will Give You $25 for Your Body

Can You Tell a Fashion Model from a Robot? Two women in this photo are glamorous fashion models. The other is a robot. Can you tell which is which? It’s tougher than you think » This Virus-Infected Laptop Sold for $1.3 Million Someone just dropped $1.3 million on a laptop…

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Invest in Richard Branson's New "Toy"

Flying cars are a mind-blowing concept… And as we’ve written about, they might even be a good early-stage investment. But as you’re sitting on a hot, sandy beach this summer, perhaps you’d rather invest in a futuristic vehicle that takes you below sea level. We’ve got just the thing: A flying submarine. Explore…

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