Warren Buffett Invests in a Gold-Mine?

Beware of this New Privacy Invasion: “Browser Fingerprinting” In the past, cookies were a popular way for advertisers to track your online activity. Now they have a new tactic — and it’s far more invasive. Get the scoop here » A Keurig for Ice Cream Coffee from your Keurig machine…

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Could "Mega-Casting" Be the Key to EV Success?

Peloton Busted for “Project Tinman” Cover-Up The last few months have been rough for Peloton. And the latest news isn’t going to make things any easier. Get the scoop » College Student Makes Homemade Rocket Fuel — Then This Happens When a college student tried to make rocket fuel in…

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"Back to the Future" Goes Electric

Was This Super Bowl Ad a Scam? If you watched the Super Bowl, you probably saw a QR code bouncing around your television screen. Were you too skeptical to scan it? Here’s what you missed out on » He Bought it at a Yard Sale… Turns Out It’s Worth $10…

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Wait — Virtual Reality Is Dangerous?

This is the #1 Worst Airline The results are in. There’s a new worst airline. And it might surprise you. See who it is here » The 40 Best (and Worst) Super Bowl Ads Ever Super Bowl commercials have pitched some great technologies, and some real stinkers. Check out these…

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Elon Musk Is Being Held Hostage

People Are Infuriated about Wordle The mobile-puzzle game “Wordle” has attracted millions of players. Now it’s being acquired by The New York Times — and people are not happy. Here’s why » Here Come the Robot Umpires Since the dawn of baseball, fans have been clamoring for umpires that are fair.…

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Taco Bell is Starting a Business School

Can Mice Cure Baldness? As it turns out, baldness might be reversible. And we have tiny rodents to thank for this discovery. Check out the “hair-raising” story here » The IRS Wants You to Take a Selfie The IRS isn’t very popular. And considering its latest announcement, that’s not likely…

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FedEx to Start Using Anti-Missile Lasers

Slow Internet Connection? Blame Cats Are websites and videos taking too long to load on your computer? There’s a problem with your internet connection — and we know who might be responsible » Criminals Are Using QR Codes To Steal Your Money A new way to shop is catching on…

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This Man's Heart Is from a Pig

What to Wear in the Metaverse From a body suit for the metaverse, to a health-tracking lightbulb, here’s what the future of technology looks like » Ongoing Hostage Situation A Canadian couple has been in an intense hostage situation for three weeks. The perpetrators aren’t wavering on their demands. How…

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You Can Change This BMW's Color at the Push of a Button

Now Elon Is Going to Mars Elon Musk has always wanted to conquer Mars. But now he’s got a timeline for it. Circle your calendars » 5 Easy Ways To Make Your New Year’s Resolutions Stick Finding it hard to stick with your New Year’s resolutions? Here’s how to make…

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Priests Hired to Talk to Aliens

NASA Telescope for Sale — on Craigslist? In 1990, NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia launched from Cape Canaveral. The Space Shuttle had some amazing technology on board — and now it’s for sale. Check it out here » Buying a Home Next Year? Read This First… The U.S. housing market had…

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