Confused About Bitcoin? This 11-Year-Old Can Help

This Company Could Kill Facebook Have you heard of Vero? It’s a mobile app where users share photos, music, and movies. Vero launched in 2015, but this week, it skyrocketed to the App Store’s top spot. Find out why this app could become the most popular social media platform in…

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Turn $100 into $76,981 With One Investment

Turn $100 into $76,981 With One Investment This has nothing to do with stocks or crypto-currencies — and it’s far different than the typical start-up investments we recommend at Crowdability. This is unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s a chance for regular, everyday investors to add anywhere from $76,981 to $769,811…

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How To Beat The Flu in Just One Day

[VIDEO] Brilliant New Dog Breed Discovered Once upon a time, impressive dog tricks included fetching the paper and rolling over. But now there’s a new dog in town — and he’s got some mind-blowing tricks up his sleeve » 60-Years-Old? Let’s Get it On! Using data from Spotify, a researcher…

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Solving This Bitcoin Puzzle Is Worth $50,000

Ford Motor Company Creates a “Hangover” Suit  Ford Motor Company has developed a bodysuit that makes you feel like you had way too many drinks last night. To see what it looks like — and to hear why Ford would do such an awful thing — click here » Diabetes Detection…

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If You Love America, Don't Use This Fitness App

Could This Be the Most Beautiful Office on Earth? Lush plant life… stone paths alongside cascading waterfalls… 30-foot-high suspension bridges. Take a deep breath of that warm tropical air — then get ready for that 10am conference call with Accounting » [PHOTOS] The Vampires Were Waiting A few days ago,…

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Can this Chinese Monkey Cure Cancer?

Facebook Invents Its Own Time Facebook just created the “flick,” a unit of time that’s exactly 1/705,600,000 of a second. Why did it do it? The reason is a stroke of genius » New Trick to Get Kids to Study Getting your kids to study can be a nightmare. But…

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Warning: This TV Show Could Literally Kill You

Mysterious Signals From Space Scientists recently picked up on a series of mysterious “fast radio bursts” from outer space. Now, according to the Washington Post, astronomers have tracked them to a dwarf galaxy nearly three billion light years away. What exactly is out there? » Machines 1; Humans 0 In…

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"I Had a One-Night Stand With a Robot"

Classified Government Spy Satellite Goes Missing SpaceX just launched a rocket containing a top secret U.S. spy satellite. The mission appeared to be going to plan — until the billion-dollar satellite disappeared. Read more here » Uber Makes Switch to Self-Flying Helicopters If self-driving cars make you nervous, just imagine…

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Breakthrough in Fight Against Alzheimer's

Business Insider: “Chocolate Is Going Extinct” A recent report from a prominent business publication says, “Chocolate is on track to go extinct in 40 years.” You see, a disease is killing Cacao plants, the source of chocolate. But a new technology might save the day. Click here to read more…

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Holiday Flight Delays? Talk To These Guys

New Discovery Provides Link To Aliens Researchers in Antarctica just discovered a series of tiny marks in a frozen snowpack. The thing is, those marks couldn’t have been made by any creature known to man. And just like that, scientists realize there could be life on other planets. Here’s why…

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