Scientists Finally "Execute" Cancer?

Will You Drill Your Head Open for Facebook? When I’m sitting on the couch, I often ask my “Google Home” digital assistant for things like movie times and the weather. But it’s kind of awkward to talk to devices at work or in public. That’s why Facebook is building a…

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This 3D Printer Could Save Your Life

New Technology Can Detect Your Lies The classic polygraph test is about to be put out to pasture. With a new technology called EyeDetect, deception can be determined just by looking at you. Lies! Damn lies! » DiCaprio Backs “Dirty” Garbage Start-up Rubicon Global is a billion-dollar garbage start-up with…

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Will You Accept This $2 Million Job Offer?

A Rooftop Bar… On a Plane?! A new airline is promising perks like virtual reality, ”surprise destinations,” and curiously, a rooftop bar. There’s just one catch: not everyone is invited. Do you get to fly? » How To Tell If You’re a Psychopath A recent study from New York University…

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The Secret to Consistently Winning the Lottery

“Can I borrow some sugar… and some DNA?” We tend to feel a special connection with our best friends. But as scientists recently discovered, interests and memories aren’t the only things we share with them. That’s a strong bond » [Video] 0 to 60 in Half A Second Apparently, if…

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"Your chances of going to jail are..."

Drop It Like It’s Hot Spot Abraham Linksys. The LAN Before Time. Drop It Like It’s Hot Spot. Can you guess what these intriguing names are being used for? Here’s what’s in a name » [Video] Watch a Robot Dance for Joy Kuri is the most adorable home robot you’ll…

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Assess Your Risk for Alzheimer's

Apple Caught Helping Red Sox Cheat The Yankees have accused The Red Sox of “stealing signs” during a recent game. This is a big deal. “Signs” are the hand signals that tell players when to steal bases or what pitches to throw — and “stealing” them can be very naughty.…

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This App Can Read Your Mind...

Over here, over here! Look over here! When self-driving cars are a reality, we’ll no longer have to keep our eyes on the road. Where will we look instead? Right here » Here’s What To Do With Your Unused Vacation Days If you haven’t stayed at the Silo Hotel in…

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WalMart & Google Merger?

Airbnb Brings in a Lethal Weapon In anticipation of its IPO, hospitality start-up Airbnb is bringing on a new advisor. Are you a fan of 1980s action movies? Before you click this link, guess who it is » $758 Million Powerball Winner Speaks Out 53-year-old Massachusetts resident Mavis Wanczyk just…

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New Study Reveals Shocking Key to Good Health

Angry Birds IPO: Buy or Sell? First they took over our phones, then they conquered the big screen. Now, the company behind these agitated avians is preparing to go public — and its value could surpass $2 billion. Could these birds carry you to financial freedom? » RV There Yet? The…

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Disney World for Weed

The Doctor Will Sing To You Now  Enjoy listening to music? As it turns out, doctors do, too — especially while they’re operating on you. Check out the most popular tracks surgeons rock out to. Please, not Stairway to Heaven! » No Snacks? Fine. But No Pilots?  According to a…

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