Could This Device Crush Apple's Stock Price?

This Rolls Royce Could Be Yours for $0.00 A wealthy guy in England is selling his Rolls Royce. It’s worth a jaw-dropping $225,000. And it could be yours — even if you don’t have a dollar to your name. You see, the owner wants something far more valuable than cash…

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Time to Short Oil?

A Cure For Cancer Is Here… If You Qualify Pharmaceutical companies have invested billions of dollars into “Immunotherapy,” a treatment that’s provided miraculous results to previously incurable cancers. Unfortunately, there’s a hugely frustrating catch: you might not be able to get access to it » Making Money on the Moon…

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Tell Mike To Get a Vasectomy!

[VIDEO] 0 To 60 in 1.9 Seconds… Move over, Ferrari. See you later, Lamborghini. It’s time for Tesla’s new Roadster 2 to take the spotlight. Want to see how it feels inside the cockpit of the fastest production car ever? Check it out right here » These Silicon Valley Execs…

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Bill Gates Quits Software, Starts To Invest in...

[VIDEO] Shocking New Dog Breed Discovered It moves like a dog and acts like a dog. But, wait a second… it doesn’t have a head! » Elephants Provide Powerful New Clue in War Against Cancer Elephants have extraordinarily low rates of cancer. Now, new research from the University of Chicago…

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How Wearing a Rolex Could Save Your Life

Don’t Invest In Rental Real Estate… Invest Here Instead Have you heard about this new type of real estate investment? It’s small, dark and has terrible views — but it’s helping investors make a fortune » [WATCH] Golden Retriever Tries Out Virtual Reality — Goes Crazy! Check out what happens when…

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Fight Cancer With This "Magic Mirror"

Tesla’s “Secret” Second Floor Sure, Tesla’s factory has plenty of assembly lines and car parts. But if you know where to look, something far more surprising can be found there. What is Tesla hiding? » [Video] Old-School Supersonic In the midst of modern technologies like drones and self-driving cars, it’s…

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Mark Cuban Is Building Rockets on Mars

Facebook Starting a Restaurant? Tired of being the place where people stalk their high-school sweethearts and post vacation pictures, Facebook has decided to get into a heartier business: Food » “Please Make Me Brilliant — and 6 feet 4 inches”  Our genetic material provides the foundation for who we’ll become —…

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Scientists Finally "Execute" Cancer?

Will You Drill Your Head Open for Facebook? When I’m sitting on the couch, I often ask my “Google Home” digital assistant for things like movie times and the weather. But it’s kind of awkward to talk to devices at work or in public. That’s why Facebook is building a…

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This 3D Printer Could Save Your Life

New Technology Can Detect Your Lies The classic polygraph test is about to be put out to pasture. With a new technology called EyeDetect, deception can be determined just by looking at you. Lies! Damn lies! » DiCaprio Backs “Dirty” Garbage Start-up Rubicon Global is a billion-dollar garbage start-up with…

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