Forget Vegas… Get Married in the Metaverse

The Most Popular EV? (Hint: It’s Not a Tesla) At $5,000, this electric vehicle outsells Tesla’s Model 3. But how is it to drive? Find out here » Mother’s Day Gift Guide Thinking about getting your mom some flowers or soap? This year, get her something (on sale) she’ll actually…

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Your 401(k) Just Got More Exciting

Extra Fees Just to Use Your Own Car?!? You already paid extra to get heated seats for your car. So why in the heck would you pay more to use them? A new idea is being talked about in the auto industry. Get the details here » Visit the Metaverse…

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A "Man Cave" in Outer Space

Uh Oh, “Shrinkflation” Is Here Headlines abound about companies raising prices due to inflation. But little noise is being made about another way businesses are sticking it to consumers like you. Get up to speed here » Routine Traffic Stop Leaves Officer Stunned When police in San Francisco pulled over…

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Lasik For Your Ears

It’s a bird! it’s a plane! It’s a… bag of groceries? The world’s biggest companies have finally rolled out drone-delivery services. Are you ready for it? Learn more » [Warning] Careful of that Text Message If you receive a text message from yourself, watch out. It’s more sinister than it…

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Book Your Next Flight with Uber

Boat or House? A $100,000 Difference City officials in Miami contend that a certain “floating structure” is a house. But its owner says it’s a boat. Who’s right? The answer could be worth $100,000. What do you think? » Uh Oh… McDonald’s Is In Trouble Vending machines nowadays offer everything…

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These 54 Families Shared Their Sleeping Habits

Dyson’s New Headphones Blow Air Dyson’s known for its awesome vacuums and fans. But why in the world did it start making headphones… and why do they blow air? Check them out » Scammers Love Flowers Spring has sprung! That means flowers, warmer weather, and cyber scammers. See the seasonal…

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[Video] Watch Elon Musk Dance

The Next Silicon Valley Is in Canada? Miami and Austin have each been hyped as the next Silicon Valley — warm, sunny hubs where people can work from the pool. But as it turns out, another city has them beat » Woman Pays $1,000 To Have Ad Injected into Her…

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These 7 Ideas Were Too Weird for NASA

No More Finger-Pricks A little-known company is developing a device that can detect glucose levels without a blood sample or an implant. This could save a lot of lives. More here » This Helmet Can Read Your Mind — Would You Wear It? Ever wonder what’s going on in someone’s…

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Secret Pattern Reveals When to Buy Apple

Remember When Elon Musk Launched a Tesla into Space? Four years ago, Elon Musk fired a Tesla at the sun. Whatever happened to it? Find out here » Never Lose Power Again Power outages happen. But if you’ve got one of these in your garage, you’ll never have to worry…

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Warren Buffett Invests in a Gold-Mine?

Beware of this New Privacy Invasion: “Browser Fingerprinting” In the past, cookies were a popular way for advertisers to track your online activity. Now they have a new tactic — and it’s far more invasive. Get the scoop here » A Keurig for Ice Cream Coffee from your Keurig machine…

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