Life-Saving Virus Found in Connecticut

2017’s New Movies on Netflix From the Superman movies to “Boogie Nights,” here are all the titles Netflix will be adding in January 2017—and all the titles you should watch this year before Netflix removes them » 13-Year-Old Becomes Venture Capitalist Harry Stebbings fell in love with venture capital after…

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21 Stocks to Buy Before Trump Becomes President

Russia’s Failed Internet Experiment Long before the World Wide Web, the Soviets tried to save the USSR with a computer network. Why did their project never make it? Nyet Internet! [Graphic Video] Athlete Killed by Social Media With all the new “live streaming” apps out there, the pressure is on…

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Ready To Invest in Flying Cars?

[Video] Porsche Cayman Races Pack of Drones In this video, an insane stunt driver behind the wheel of a Porsche 718 Cayman S takes on a flock of high-speed drones. Floored » Lamborghini’s Turbo-Charged Speaker System This city-shaking sound system features a Lamborghini exhaust, a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, and a Lamborghini…

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The 23 Weirdest Start-ups Ever

Google Says Your Table Is Ready By tracking the physical location of its users, a new tool from Google can tell you how crowded it is right now at your favorite dinner spot or bar. Creepy? Or really awesome? » [Photos] Astounding Superyachts Today’s most luxurious private yachts have helipads,…

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[Photos] NSA’s Spy Hub in NYC

Google Glass is Baaaack Remember those wearable glasses from Google? The ones that never caught on because they were super weird looking? Lucky you: a new version of them is coming—but this time they’ll be from Apple. See you there » Domino’s Delivers By Drone A couple from New Zealand…

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Health Danger Alert: Virtual Reality

This Start-Up Can Control Your Dreams Five years ago, a young man dropped out of a Ph.D. program and created a sophisticated device that you wear while you sleep. The device, which costs $300, claims it can help you to take control of your dreams » Use This Site To…

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Shocking Study: Facebook Users Live Longer

Thank You, Amazon Matthew Weiner, the creator of Mad Men (and former writer and producer of The Sopranos) has a new gig. Amazon just committed $70 million for his new TV series. Prepare to binge watch » The Changing Colors of Leaves Across the U.S., leaves are changing colors at different…

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