Scientists Create New Dog Breed

Cyber Criminals’ New Favorite Target People say “old folks” are too naive, and too susceptible to online scams. But the FBI says old folks are doing just fine. Instead, it’s this other group that’s a problem » Ready to Bank with Walmart? Traditional banks were already facing intense competition from…

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Why Are Kids Faking Positive Covid-19 Tests?

Zoom Was Naughty — Now It Might Owe You Money Zoom’s popularity skyrocketed last year. But as it turns out, the company wasn’t being a good citizen. And now, to make things right, it might need to put some money in your pocket. Get the scoop » The Startup that Could Beat…

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Why Does this Perfume Smell Like Gas?

Take a Look at these Pandemic Tattoos 2020 was a historic year. Perhaps that’s why so many people are getting something special to remember everything that happened. Get the scoop » This MIT Robot Will Get You Dressed in the Morning Sometimes, even everyday tasks like getting dressed can be…

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This Simple Trick Keeps Away Intruders

Amazon Buys a Piece of Facebook Amazon just acquired one of Facebook’s side businesses. But it didn’t buy it to get into the social media business. It’s shooting higher with its aspirations. Get the scoop here » A Second Life for Startups Remember Theranos, Coolest Cooler, or Juicero? These overhyped…

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AI Catches Government Officials Red-Handed

In 10 Years, You Won’t Own Anything A 2016 prediction envisioned a futuristic world where we own nothing. Instead, everything we need is rented on-demand, and delivered instantly by drones. As it turns out, that future is getting close. Learn more » My Nose Is Freezing Cryonics, the practice of…

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This New Tech Turns Your Car into a Plane

Sorry, No Internet for You Have you heard about Elon Musk’s new satellite internet? It’s cheap, it’s super-fast, and it works all over the world. Sounds amazing. There’s just one problem: according to Musk, it’s probably not for you. Here’s why » One Click and You’re Hired When you’re on…

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Are Hackers Targeting Your Thermostat?

Wow, People Really Dislike Jeff Bezos Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos is heading to space. And as it turns out, more than a few people hope he doesn’t make it back. Read more » Free Big Macs and Fries… If You Pledge Your Loyalty Competition in the fast-food industry is fierce.…

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Apple to Offer Healthcare

Coca-Cola Throws $4 Billion Press Conference When soccer star Christiano Ronaldo arrived for his pregame press conference, he sat down, said just one word — and Coca-Cola’s stock tumbled. What happened? » A Cure for False Alarms Did you know that 95% of car alarm activations are false alarms? Ford…

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33% of Adults Want This Surprising Superpower

Criminals Use FBI App by Mistake Nearly one thousand criminals around the world thought they were plotting the perfect caper. There was just one problem: the long arm of the law was listening. Whoops » Here It Is: The Key to Retiring Ahh, retirement. Sounds like a fantasy, right? But…

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