Priests Hired to Talk to Aliens

NASA Telescope for Sale — on Craigslist? In 1990, NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia launched from Cape Canaveral. The Space Shuttle had some amazing technology on board — and now it’s for sale. Check it out here » Buying a Home Next Year? Read This First… The U.S. housing market had…

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The U.S. Now Has a Laser Weapon

Madmen Strap a Rocket to a Christmas Tree A ragtag team of engineers really got into the holiday spirit. They strapped a rocket engine to a Christmas tree and took to the skies. Wait until you see what happens next » Santa Claus is Coming (Back)… to Zoom He sees you…

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Rocket Scientists are Just as Dumb as the Rest of Us

Investors in Lego Sets Are Killing It We’d bet that your portfolio doesn’t include this unusual investment. But given that it’s generating double-digit annual returns, maybe you should be adding it » Exercise — Now There’s a Pill for That Scientists may have found a way for you to reap…

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China Caught Changing the Weather

This App Can Read Your Mind Of all the apps out there, this one is believed to be the most addictive. That’s because it’s mastered the dark art of tapping into your mind. Here’s how » How Knife-Wielding Swimmers Became the first U.S. Navy Seals Before the Navy had its…

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This Is Like Buying Manhattan Real Estate 300 Years Ago

The Inevitable Robot Invasion It’s hard to take the idea of a robot invasion seriously. But now that robots have a new trick up their sleeve, we may need to reconsider » Your Guide to Self-Driving Cars Self-driving cars could become a $7 trillion industry. Interested in learning more about…

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Advertisers Are Trying to Hack Your Dreams

Uber for Weed Canadians ordering food through Uber Eats can now tack on a side of cannabis. When will Americans enjoy similar services? Find out here » This $32 Million Doghouse Just Hit the Market A mansion in Miami just hit the market for a cool $32 million. We suggest…

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A Nasal Spray for Alzheimer's?

This Southern City Is Giving Free Money to All its Residents One of America’s largest cities is showering its residents with free money. To learn more, and to see if you could be one of the lucky recipients, click here » MoviePass is Back, Baby! Movie fans might remember MoviePass,…

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Your Mind Can Be "Hacked," Says AI Expert

Have You Seen Apple’s Hottest New Product? Apple recently unveiled a $1,000 phone and a $2,000 laptop. But its hottest new product costs just $20. Do you have one yet? » Take a Ride in an Electric Vehicle From 1908 Perhaps surprisingly, the market for EVs has been booming since…

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Drive a Tesla for Just $50

What Would You Do with a Trillion Dollars? A certain tech titan could become the world’s first trillionaire (hint: it’s not Jeff Bezos). But what can you do with a trillion dollars? Or perhaps the question should be: what can’t you do? » This Halloween, Add Some “High-Tech Horror” Your…

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