Amazon Prepares for Weed Delivery

An Invisible Sculpture Just Sold for $18,000 An Italian work of art just fetched a five-figure price. What’s so special about it? Hard to say… considering nobody can see it. Art is weird » This Candy is Great for Your Teeth Parents just can’t catch a break today. In the…

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Sign Up for a Free Cruise

[Video] The New Fastest Man Alive A British man just broke Usain Bolt’s 100-meter world record. Of course, he needed a jetpack to do it. Check it out here » This Could Put Starbucks Out of Business Starbucks makes a good cup of coffee. But what if you could get…

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Your iPhone Is Taking "Invisible" Pictures of You

Help Wanted: Guard America’s Nuclear Weapons Eager to protect some of America’s most important secrets, and if necessary, use deadly force? This job could be for you. Apply here » Scientists Say You’re Eating Oreos All Wrong Are you a dunker? A twister? A licker? There are lots of ways…

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Amazon Can't Stop Spying on You

Defend Your Home with Glitter Bombs “Porch thieves” love swiping packages from your doorstep. But now there’s a creative way to fight back. Get the scoop » Use This AI Technology to Land a Promotion Remember the name “Nemesysco.” It’s an Artificial Intelligence startup. And its technology might very well…

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Could We Regrow Our Body Parts?

$50 Million in Sales — For a Camper that Doesn’t Even Exist Tesla is building the RV of the future. Excitement is so high, this new camper has already brought in $50 million in sales — and it doesn’t even exist yet. See what all the fuss is about »…

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"Makin' Whoopee" Will Be Amazing in Outer Space

Microsoft is Hiring — No Experience Required! Want a job with one of the world’s biggest tech companies? Historically, you needed extensive technical skills. Not anymore » Take the “Impossible Shot Challenge” Drones have captured some of the most breathtaking photos in history. Think you can do better? Here’s your…

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Your Private Thoughts — Sold to the Highest Bidder

Is “Smell-o-Vision” Possible? Virtual Reality lets you use your eyes to escape into alternate worlds. But can this technology activate your other senses, too? Find out from the experts here » For the Perfect Cyber Crime, Use a Fish Tank Stop me if this sounds fishy: hackers infiltrated a casino…

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Uber's Weed-Delivery Plans

Be Like Luke Skywalker The Lightsaber, famous from the “Star Wars” film franchise, is one of the coolest movie weapons of all-time. But it couldn’t exist in the real world. Or could it? » Google Is Such a Nag — It’s for Your Own Good I know it’s not safe…

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[Warning] Don't Download this "System Update"

Finally, Tech Support You Can Count on When we moved into a new place, it was a tech catastrophe. TVs needed hanging; wireless networks needed to be created; Dots and Echos and Alexas needed to be set up. Who could we call to sort everything out? Best Buy. Learn more…

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Can This Smartphone App Get You High?

Why Good Music Gets You Aroused The right song can send shivers down your spine and make the hair on your arms stand up. Ever wonder why? After years of research, scientists now have the surprisingly naughty answer » 10-Cent Beers and Free Krispy Kreme Donuts From beers that cost…

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