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Google's Giving Away $3 Billion!

Investment bank Morgan Stanley just did something very peculiar: It told Google to give away one of its “smart speakers” to everyone in America — for free. The cost of this giveaway? About $3 billion. For the last hundred years, CEOs from top companies have relied on Morgan Stanley not…

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Careful: Google Is Reading Your Emails…

Finally — An Airbag for Your iPhone We spend a fortune buying the latest smartphone, only to drop it and watch helplessly as its glass shatters. So a clever college student decided to invent an “airbag” for cellphones. Now this is cool » Chinese AK-47 Can Set You on Fire from…

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Google Knows When You're Going to Die

Get Your Hands on the Ultimate Spy Gadget Long before Apple unveiled a watch you could talk into, cartoon detective Dick Tracy wore a two-way radio on his wrist. Now, after seventy years, you can finally get your hands on the original Dick Tracy “smart watch.” Check it out right…

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Time to Dump Starbucks Stock?

Your Flying Taxi Has Arrived For years, Uber’s been dreaming of a world where taxis could fly. A few days ago, its dream finally arrived. Get your first look right here » From Liking and Poking to Wining and Dining Facebook is getting more social than ever. Earlier this week,…

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Microchip Gives Humans X-Ray Vision

China Caught Stealing Data from Your Brain If you thought Facebook stealing your personal information was invasive, get ready for this: China is mining data straight from people’s brains. Get the scoop right here » J.P. Morgan Says, “Buy Spotify” J.P. Morgan just initiated coverage on Spotify with a buy…

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Plane Drops $368 Million from the Sky

Why Is Google in Your Bathroom? Some say Google’s recent decision to invite itself into your bathroom is horrifying. But this invasion of privacy could actually save your life. To learn why, click here » Guess this $2.3 Billion Sport… A beautiful new multi-million dollar stadium is being constructed in…

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2018 IPO Explosion? Who cares!

After hitting a peak in 2014, IPO activity has been on a steady decline… But it seems like the drought might finally be over. From MarketWatch to The Wall Street Journal, the current headlines are all about 2018 being the year of the IPO comeback: IPO watch: 11 tech companies…

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My #1 Pick for "Direct Profits"

2017 was a big year for me: I finally admitted I was getting “old” and needed reading glasses. But when the time came, I didn’t get an expensive pair of Ralph Lauren or Prada glasses from my local LensCrafters. Instead, I went to an online eyewear company called Warby Parker.…

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This 6-Year-Old Made $11 Million Last Year

Google Offers To Baby-Sit Your Kids It became a billion-dollar company by offering Internet search tools. Then it got into self-driving cars. But now this tech giant is moving in a surprising new direction: baby-sitting » [Video] Inside the World’s Most Expensive Grocery Store Whoa! A carton of OJ costs…

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21 Stocks to Buy Before Trump Becomes President

Russia’s Failed Internet Experiment Long before the World Wide Web, the Soviets tried to save the USSR with a computer network. Why did their project never make it? Nyet Internet! [Graphic Video] Athlete Killed by Social Media With all the new “live streaming” apps out there, the pressure is on…

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