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I Dare You to Ignore This Trend

As I told you on Tuesday, I like to set goals in life. Big and crazy ones. For example, a few weeks ago, I set the goal to run every street in downtown Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee. That’s 2,957.06 miles of running. (Told you I’m crazy.) Why am I…

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The Perfect Investment

Finding winning investments is tough. It’s true. But just for a moment, imagine the perfect investment. An investment where: You’re guaranteed to get in at the lowest price. You can invest for as little as $100. And that one tiny investment gave you a shot at earning a major windfall.…

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The Fastest Path to 949% Gains

We all know Mondays can suck. In life, and definitely in the markets. I mean, two Mondays ago, I got my third flat tire this year. But should I give up driving? Heck, no! Then, yesterday, the major stock indexes dropped by almost 2%. That’s the 25th time this year…

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Earn $10,249 a Year in FREE "Crypto Income"

Last December, I wrote to you about a new way to make money with cryptos. It didn’t involve risking your money on high-risk crypto tokens. Instead, it was a way to earn safe, consistent income — for FREE — month after month. In fact, as I’ll explain today, if you’d…

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This Is a $103 Billion Profit Opportunity

Investors in private startups pocketed a fortune last quarter… According to a report released last week, they took home $103.9 billion. That’s a record high — and as you’re about to learn, those profits are expected to keep flowing. So today, I’ll show you why this is happening… And then I’ll share two…

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Bitcoin Going to $2 Trillion?

Last week, one of the world’s largest investment firms made a bold prediction. It predicted that Bitcoin could soon soar by nearly 1,000%. But how realistic is this forecast? And is an investment in it today worth the risk? Those are the questions I’ll dive into today. Trillion-Dollar Forecasts The…

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Big Profits from the "Next Peloton"?

And we’re off to the races! Yes, industries like travel and hospitality are struggling during the pandemic. But two emerging sectors — Fitness Tech and Esports — are soaring. So today, I’ll introduce you to a startup that’s capitalizing on both of them. Because, as you’ll learn, an investment in this startup…

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Avoid These "New IPOs" Like the Plague

IPOs are on fire this year! On average, based on the Renaissance IPO Index, newly minted companies are up a staggering 82.4%. That’s nearly 10 times the return of the S&P 500 this year. Of course, I’ve been telling you for months about this burgeoning trend, and even singled out…

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The Contactless Payment Boom Just Shifted into Overdrive

Covid-19 isn’t just encouraging massive shifts in consumer behavior, it’s forcing these shifts. From the way we buy groceries and watch pro sports, to how we dine at restaurants or host social events, everything has changed. But nowhere is this behavior modification more prevalent, and potentially more profitable, than in…

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The Smartest Way to Invest in Artificial Intelligence

Last week, I shared that the high-tech research arm of the U.S. Department of Defense (DARPA) is tipping us off to the next big tech trend — and the next big investment opportunity: Artificial intelligence (AI). You’ll recall, DARPA committed $2 billion to accelerate the development of AI technologies. And…

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