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The "Albert Einstein" Portfolio

It’s one of the most powerful forces in investing. Warren Buffett regularly cites it as the key to his $76 billion fortune… And Albert Einstein himself reportedly said it’s “the eighth wonder of the world.” I’m referring to an investing concept known as compound interest. And today, I’ll show you…

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Can Chaos Lead You to 1,250% Profits?

Having a sense of security is priceless. But nowadays, that sense can be hard to come by. The world is chaotic today. Tens of millions of people are out of work. Crime is spiking. Unrest is rising. But hidden amidst this chaos are opportunities. It all starts with helping people…

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Don't Fall For This Stock Market "Head Fake"

As I write these words, a certain market sector is surging: I’m referring to Travel — which includes airlines, hotels, and cruise companies. Just look at Norwegian Cruise Line (NCLH). Since last week, its shares have surged 55%. But why? After all, its ships won’t be sailing with paying customers…

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Investors Swimming Naked

Warren Buffett often shares this pearl of wisdom: “You only find out who is swimming naked when the tide goes out.” Meaning, you don’t really know how well or how poorly a company is doing until it’s faced with a major challenge. Well, given the challenges the world is facing…

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Two "Hot" IPOs To Look at Now

For the last two weeks, I’ve told you about the market-beating returns you can earn from IPOs. For example, first-day gains for investors in the recent IPO of Inari Medical (NARI) reached 123%. But who wants to hear about the big profits we could have earned? Instead, we want to…

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What You Can Learn from Trump's "Twitter War"

Today, the President is expected to issue an unprecedented executive order targeting the country’s top social media companies. The order will instruct the Department of Justice to investigate these companies for unfair censorship. Regardless of how you feel about this issue, and regardless of what you may think of social…

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"Crazy" Twitter News = 300,000% Profit Opportunity?

Did you see the crazy news about Twitter? Because of the coronavirus, CEO Jack Dorsey told his staff they can work from home “forever.” After that, Facebook and Google said employees can work from home at least until 2021. And then everyone from JP Morgan to Zillow extended their work-from-home…

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How To Pocket the Next 123% Gain in a Day

Write down this ticker symbol: NARI… And in the coming days and weeks, track it. Because it’s the first of what I believe will be a long string of highly successful initial public offerings (IPOs). You see, due to Covid-19, the number of IPOs this year is off by 60%.…

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How to Spot a $400 Million Profit Opportunity

Investing in megatrends like Virtual Reality can lead you to huge profits… But only if you’re able to spot them early. That’s why, in his essay yesterday, Matt showed you a simple trend-spotting strategy: By watching where global tech companies like Apple and Facebook are investing and doing takeovers, you’ll…

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