Wanna Bet?

When I tell people what I do for a living, I hear things like this: “The stock market!? That’s a real crap shoot!” “You invest in startups? I’d rather play the lotto!” “Oh, isn’t that like gambling?” Comments like that used to bother me. But not anymore. Nowadays, I take…

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The #1 Way to STOP Losing Money this Year

Most investors spend a lot of time hoping. “I hope the market comes back!” “I hope the Fed cuts rates!” “I sure hope my Tesla shares rebound!” But hoping is no way to make money. After all, hope isn’t a strategy. So today, I’ll show you how to stop hoping…

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417-Year-Old Document Holds Key to 13,233% Profits

Yesterday, Matt told you about a revolutionary “med-tech” company we’ve identified. Not only could this company realistically fulfill the vision of Theranos… But it could also help you earn profits of 13,233%. Many of our readers have asked us how we identify opportunities like this. Which makes sense. If you…

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Rare 13,233% Profit Opportunity: The "Real" Theranos

Last week, Wayne revealed the “bright side” of the Theranos scam: For investors like us, it proved that a tiny blood-testing business could be worth a fortune. After all, Theranos rose to a valuation of $9 billion. And that’s why we’re so excited about a new investment opportunity… This company…

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Case Study: $9 Billion Investing Scam

Yesterday, Matt showed you a simple three-step process we use to identify and avoid investment scams. We call it “DTP.” Today, I’ll show you how to use this process in the real world — by applying it to a real company. As you’ll learn, if investors had used this process a…

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Easy Way To Avoid Investment Scams

Last week, Wayne showed you a simple way to double your investing profits. As he revealed, the trick is simple: Avoid making “losing” investments! Over the years, we’ve discovered a number of ways to identity these profit-killers. But one strategy is simpler and far more effective than any other… And…

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Double Your Returns in One Simple Step

At some point, most investors get fed up with the meager returns offered by stocks. That’s when they jump into exciting investments like micro-caps or cryptos. But as I’ll explain today, there’s also a simpler way to boost your returns… And surprisingly, you won’t even need to make one new…

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Never Lose Money Like This Again…

Pain can teach us valuable lessons. For instance, when I was a little kid, I burned my hand grabbing a hot pot on the stove. I didn’t need to learn that lesson twice. But some lessons are hard to learn, no matter how painful they are. For example, investing in…

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Don't Fall for this $100 Billion "IPO Scam"

The Wall Street Journal just dropped a bombshell… As it reported, an “unprecedented” IPO is about to happen. This IPO is expected to be worth $100 billion — and if you believe the hype, it could mean billions in profits for investors like you. But if you dig into The…

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