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How To Earn a Fortune from “The Rebound”

I don’t usually find insights about the stock market in classic novels… But a quote from “A Tale of Two Cities” sums up the current market perfectly: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” You see, as my colleague Lou wrote yesterday, we haven’t “hit…

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[Shocking Chart] Market Could Be Set for Another Crash

To my amazement, my Southwest flight was almost full on Sunday! As I mentioned to you weeks ago, for family reasons, I’ve been flying throughout the pandemic. Many times, I’ve been the only person on the plane. So this flight being close to capacity seemed like an encouraging sign. But…

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One Simple Trick for Making a Fortune During a Crisis

Yesterday, Matt showed you how we helped our readers navigate the first few months of the coronavirus crisis. Specifically, he showed you a few of the investment recommendations that our colleague Lou Basenese made in March. You see, as it turns out, all nine of Lou’s picks have been winners:…

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Three "10-Baggers" in 100 Days

In yesterday’s newsletter, my colleague Lou Basenese revealed how he spots winning investments — even in the midst of a crisis. As he explained, “a prepared investor knows how to turn a crisis into a profit opportunity.” For example, at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, Lou used this free…

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Punched in the Face with 81% Profits

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth,” according to boxing legend Mike Tyson. I wouldn’t last 10 seconds in the ring with Tyson. But in the markets, I could kick his butt. You see, when it comes to investing, I want to get punched in the…

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How to Kill Your Cable Internet Company

Yesterday, Matt shared some extraordinary breakthroughs happening in the “space-tech” industry. He also shared important research on an opportunity we’ve been tracking, as well as a specific investment recommendation. But as he mentioned, there’s also a second space investment we have our eye on… And not only could this investment…

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You can see it from space…

Wayne and I recently discovered a huge platinum deposit. It’s so big you can literally see it from outer space. But as I’ll explain today, its visibility has nothing to do with its size… Instead, it has to do with something far more intriguing… Something that could lead investors like…

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How to Own Every "Hot IPO" For Less Than $50

I recently shared a strategy to profit from a corner of the market traditionally reserved for Wall Street’s elite: Initial Public Offerings, or IPOs. My strategy doesn’t involve begging your broker for IPO shares like an incessant teenager. Instead, it involves a five-pronged approach to uncover overlooked and undervalued opportunities…

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Breakthrough Alert: 3D-Print Your Food!

When 3D Printing first emerged, it was targeted at industrial manufacturing. But as the printers gradually became smaller and less expensive, fascinating consumer applications started to pop up. For example, by the early 2000s, you could print everything from toys to model cars. This created a surge in 3D-printing stocks.…

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Startup Profit Opportunity: 99% Accuracy

Investment bank Morgan Stanley recently did something very peculiar: It told Google to give away one of its “smart speakers” to everyone in America — for free. The cost of this giveaway? About $3 billion. For the last hundred years, CEOs from top companies have relied on Morgan Stanley not…

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