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Big Profits from the "Next Peloton"?

And we’re off to the races! Yes, industries like travel and hospitality are struggling during the pandemic. But two emerging sectors — Fitness Tech and Esports — are soaring. So today, I’ll introduce you to a startup that’s capitalizing on both of them. Because, as you’ll learn, an investment in this startup…

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The Hottest Startup Sector

There’s an old saying when it comes to making money with startups: “The bigger the problem, the bigger the profits!” In other words, the bigger the problem the startup is trying to solve… The more profits it could earn — and the more profits early investors like you could earn.…

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Retire from just ONE Investment

Two weeks before we started sheltering in place, our friend Aitio dropped by the office. He stops by a few times a year to say hello. He wasn’t exactly in the neighborhood. But with his brand-new BMW X7 SUV and a full-time driver, he doesn’t mind traveling to different parts…

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The $300,000 Solution

As we’ve been explaining recently, America is in big trouble right now. The coronavirus is still raging across the country. 30 million people have filed for unemployment. And even with a vaccine in the works, it could be years before this crisis is under control. The thing is, to get…

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Make America WORK Again

It’s a vicious circle. As Wayne and I explained in our columns last week: Because of Covid-19, unemployment is going through the roof… Because people aren’t working, they’re not spending money… And because people aren’t spending money, companies are going out of business — which in turn, creates more unemployment. So…

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Get Ready to Retire Rich

As Matt explained yesterday, the government recently handed investors like you a big gift… For the first time in nearly a century, it’s made it easier for all investors — regardless of income or net worth — to invest in the private markets. This was a big step for the…

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Earn 1,000% Returns When the Market Crashes

The market has rallied from its March lows. But it’s still highly volatile. And with 30 million Americans out of work and unemployment claims still rising, the market’s next move will likely be down, down, down. If you have a chunk of money tied up in stocks, this could be…

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3 Startup Profit Secrets from Peter Lynch

The paperback book came flying at me like a drunk bird. It hit my chest and dropped to my lap. “Read it,” said the short-tempered money manager (and book-thrower) who’d been interviewing me for a job on Wall Street. “Then we’ll talk.” So I read the book. And a few…

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Jeff Bezos: Giving Money Away?

You probably know who Jeff Bezos is. He’s the founder of And with a net worth of $188 billion, he’s the richest man in the world. The thing is, we’ve found a way to take some cash out of his bank account... And put it into yours! “Hey Jeff,…

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Introducing: The Lifetime Income Card

With negotiations for a coronavirus stimulus package still deadlocked in Congress… Many Americans have high hopes for Trump’s “executive order.” Could this order put some quick money in your pocket? Today I’ll answer that question for you. Then I’ll introduce you to an alternative solution… As you’ll learn, this alternative…

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