My Wife's Trick to Earn 15% a Year

Last Saturday night, my wife—well, future wife—and I invited friends over for a dinner party. If I’d been in charge, shopping would have taken hours… I like to traverse our Manhattan neighborhood and gather my favorite items from a dozen different spots: Citarella for its Wild Stone crab claws, Zabar’s…

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Collect 11.3% in Safe Bear Market Income

Last August, as the market was tanking, we introduced you to an unconventional investment idea. As we explained, it let you earn double-digit yields… regardless of what the market was doing. This investment was from a new website called FundThatFlip. FundThatFlip is a crowdfunding platform. It provides financing to “house…

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How $780 Could Turn Into $500 Million

“$780?” I asked. “You’re kidding me, right?” I was in the underground garage next to our apartment, asking about rates for monthly parking. After the second-biggest snowstorm in New York City’s history, our car needed some shelter. The attendant shrugged, turned up the volume on his radio, and shuffled the…

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A surprising breakthrough (and an endless supply of profits)

This breakthrough is turning out to be even bigger than we’d thought. In 2014, we started telling our readers about it: We predicted it would disrupt everything from entertainment to education. But as we’ve recently discovered, not only is it already changing how we relax and learn—it’s also saving lives.…

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Your Bear-Market Protection Policy

Remember the market collapse of 2000? Triggered by the popping of the dot-com bubble, the market took years to recover. Many financial professionals believe we’re in a similar bubble today. And with the market down more than 5% this year already, some of them are concerned about a new crash—and…

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2016 Forecast: Growth Sectors

Right around this time last year, we issued our forecasts for 2015— We offered you our perspective on which sectors and investment themes would be important for the coming year. Today, we’ll review our predictions and see how they panned out... And then we’ll tell you where you should focus…

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How to Legally Trade on "Insider Information"

For more than a quarter of a century, General Mills (NYSE: GIS) has been a winning trade: If you’d invested $10,000 into the company in 1990 and reinvested the dividends, today you’d be sitting on $217,146. That’s roughly twice what the overall market returned. Perhaps those market-beating returns shouldn’t come…

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The End of Credit as We Know It

Credit is a critical part of our country’s economic engine. Businesses and consumers use it for nearly every economic action they undertake—from leasing equipment, to buying a home, to paying for medical bills. The consumer side alone currently makes up 20% of U.S. GDP. While credit can make the wheels…

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Chinese Investors Flock to Unexpected Market

The Chinese stock market has taken investors on a wild ride recently: In June, the Shanghai Composite Index was sitting at 5,000… By August, it had dropped to 3,000—a nosedive of 40%. To recoup their money, Chinese investors are looking to the U.S. markets. But in an unexpected twist, they’re…

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