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Triple Your Salary

Imagine getting an unexpected cash windfall, just for showing up for work. It sounds crazy, but that’s what happened to D'Anne Schjerning, a secretary from San Jose, California. She received an extra $1.08 million—that’s on top of her salary. Andrea Lewis, a journalist from Seattle, Washington received extra money, too……

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The "Little Blue Pill" for Your Portfolio

Once upon a time, there was a little blue pill. Originally, it was designed to treat heart disease... But during its initial trials, doctors discovered an intriguing "side effect." Eventually, this side effect became so popular that sales of the little pill reached into the billions of dollars. If you…

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"Crisis-Proof Bonds"

Earlier this week, a deal was reached on the Greek debt crisis. With a meltdown averted, the interest rate on Greece’s 10-Year Government Bond stabilized at about 12%. If you’re searching for yield, a 12% yield is obviously enticing—but would you be comfortable investing in Greek debt? We sure wouldn’t.…

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Breaking: 4,726 Colleges Set to Close

The United States has 4,726 colleges and universities. To attend these institutions, students spend nearly $600 billion per year—that’s $393 billion for tuition, and $196 billion on expenses like travel and housing. But a fascinating new technology has recently emerged, and it’s raising the possibility that all of those institutions—and even…

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Is Your Spouse Cheating on You?

Several years ago, Danny Boice found himself in a disturbing situation: As far as he could tell, his ex-wife seemed to be staying at the home of her new romantic partner—with her and Danny’s kids. If this were the case, she'd be violating their child custody arrangement. But Danny didn’t have proof. What…

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The Death of the Salaried Employee

Every spring, investors from Wall Street to Silicon Valley wait in anticipation for one of the most important reports of the year. They’re not waiting for the jobs numbers, GDP data, or any other conventional economic indicator. These investors are waiting on The Internet Trends Report—a report that’s predicted nearly every…

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China Start-up Profits?

Recently, there’s been a lot of talk about China in the business press—especially as it relates to the technology sector. Last year, for example, Alibaba (NYSE: BABA) conducted the world’s largest IPO ever: it raised $25 billion on the New York Stock Exchange. And as The New York Times reported last week, Uber…

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Easy Way to Earn High Returns with Lower Risk

Today we’ll introduce you to a special website. Sure, we often show you new “funding platforms”—the websites where you can invest in promising young companies before they become household names. But the site we’ll show you today goes even further: Not only does it feature extraordinary start-ups… it also puts its money where…

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The Ride of Your Life

Ever heard of Marc Andreessen? He’s the genius who created the Internet’s first web browser… He sits on the boards of Facebook, eBay, and HP… And he has a track record of successfully building and investing in technologies that have changed our world—technologies like Netscape, Skype, and Twitter. Essentially, Marc’s…

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