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Live Forever — And Get Rich at the Same Time?

I like to think I treat everyone fairly. And I’m not someone who holds a grudge. But as I was reminded this morning, I have a life-long enemy. No matter what I do, I just can’t seem to make things right between us. So today, I’d like to tell you…

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Full Year of Profits — in One DAY!

Yesterday, Matt showed you a simple trick for dramatically increasing your chances of earning profits of 1,000% or more. Well, today I’ll be sticking with the same theme, but with one key difference: I’ll show you a way you could make huge returns in no time at all. In fact,…

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No. 1 Source of "Overnight" Profits

Coinbase, one of the world’s leading trading platforms for digital currencies, went public yesterday… and its early investors are thrilled. You see, even though its stock (COIN) traded down a bit, Coinbase’s earliest investors — those who got in when it was still a tiny private startup — are sitting…

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From $3 to $900 — Here's the Next One

“It’s different this time.” For investors, those words have caused a lot of black eyes over the years. But they do point to a fundamental truth in the investment world: Timing is everything! So today, let me tell you why the timing might finally be right for one specific sector.…

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Worried about the market? Do this…

We’re still in the midst of a global pandemic… And yet — stocks recently hit new all-time highs! The Dow topped 33,000, the S&P broke 4,000, and the Nasdaq is just a few points away from an eye-popping 14,000. This is great news for investors. But if you’re anything like…

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Government Scientists Build "Mind-Control" Device

In the 1970s, scientists started drilling into peoples’ skulls. Their goal was to create a mind-control device, or as they called it, a brain-computer interface. Such devices were used for medical purposes — for example, to regulate tremors in Parkinson’s patients, or to restore movement in paralyzed people. But now a…

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Make Money Even When Stocks Go DOWN…

Everyone knows the obvious way to make money in the market: Buy low and sell high. In other words, buy a stock when it’s “cheap,” and then cash out when it trades higher. But today I’ll show you a different way to profit from stocks… This is a way to…

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Warning: Don't Get Burned by Robinhood

The trading app Robinhood made some waves last week. As Reuters and Bloomberg reported, Robinhood says it’s planning to “democratize” IPOs. Basically, it’s planning to let ordinary investors like you buy shares of companies just as they’re going public. This might sound like a big deal. I mean, historically, it’s…

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#1 Secret to REAL IPO Profits

I realize the title of today’s column might be confusing. I mean, just yesterday in this same newsletter, Matt trashed IPO investing. But here’s the thing: While I agree that IPO investing is a terrible strategy for making money these days… IPOs can still deliver huge windfalls to you — but…

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Warning: Don't Be Tempted by this $100 billion IPO

A new IPO is coming next month. It’s in one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors. It’s got an all-star team and product. And unlike most IPOs, it’s already wildly profitable. Clearly you should invest in it, right? Wrong. Today, I’ll explain why — and tell you what to do instead.…

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