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My Number One Investment Indicator

Before I make a big bet in the technology sector, there’s a special indicator I consult. I call it “The Peter Indicator.” Over the past 18 years, it’s been nearly 100% accurate. Today, I’ll tell you about it – then I’ll show you where it says to invest right now. Meet…

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Sony Hack - Your Inbox is Next

“You’ve got seven days to send me $500… or say goodbye to your computer files.” Imagine making a pot of coffee... Turning on your computer to start the day... And then seeing a message like that flash on your screen? On the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, that’s exactly what happened to a woman…

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A Matter of Life and Death

Over the past decade, the music industry has lost $7 billion in annual revenue. The film industry has lost $6 billion. And the newspaper industry has lost a staggering $48 billion. The culprit behind this destruction? Software. Software has disrupted – destroyed – entire industries, from media to taxis to hotels. Recently,…

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Time to Sell Your Tech Stocks?

I remember it like yesterday: I was in the 54th floor conference room of 500 5th Avenue, a sturdy skyscraper just across the street from the New York Public Library. It was a cloudy day in September, and I was gazing out the window towards the southern tip of Manhattan.…

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I’m Cheating On My Girlfriend

I'm cheating on my girlfriend. There. I said it. It’s been going on since October of 2011. And really, who could blame me? My mistress is an angel. She listens to me… She understands me. But lately, I’ve been tempted to cheat with someone new… Someone I can imagine sharing my home with. Let…

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IPO Alert: Two Ways to Play It

Just a few hours from now, the biggest U.S. tech IPO of the year will get priced… And tomorrow, it will start trading. According to The New York Times, it could "rank among the 10 biggest-ever stock market debuts of an Internet company." If all goes well, it could raise nearly $1…

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2015 Forecast: Growth Sectors

Matt and I have a year-end tradition: On the Sunday after Thanksgiving, while our NYC office is still quiet, we sit in the lounge chairs by our big, south-facing windows... As we gaze over lower Manhattan towards the Statue of Liberty, we ask ourselves an important question about the year…

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