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3 Strikes — And Stocks Are Out!

When Maximilian Kunkel talks, it pays to listen. Kunkel is a Chief Investment Officer for UBS, the largest private bank in the world. Founded in 1862 and based in Switzerland, UBS manages $3.2 trillion for some of the wealthiest families in the world — including about half the world’s billionaires.…

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LEAKED: Startup Profits Revealed

How much money could you potentially earn by investing in startups? Well, if you’re a longtime reader here, you’ve seen countless studies on the returns you could have made in the private startup market. But what about real-world numbers? In other words, actual profits that came from startup investments over…

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Warning: Please Avoid this $35 billion IPO

This Thursday, a new IPO is coming. Its revenues are surging. It’s riding many of today’s biggest trends. And in an unusual twist, regular investors like you can actually get shares in it. Clearly you should invest in it, right? Wrong. Today, I’ll explain why — then I’ll tell you…

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Your Chance to Say "I QUIT!"

Imagine walking into work tomorrow, looking your boss in the eye, and saying… “I QUIT!” Then you could head home, kick up your feet, and start enjoying retirement! And here’s the best part: Your bills are paid, and you could care less whether the market is going up or down.…

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URGENT: Retirement Crisis

In his article last week, Wayne addressed a frightening situation in America today: The retirement crisis. As he explained, even if you have a nest-egg saved up — and even if you have time before you retire — two threats are about to destroy your plans: The first threat is…

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To Make 16,000% Gains, Look at Kim Kardashian's Underwear

In September of 2019, reality TV star Kim Kardashian West launched an underwear startup called SKIMS. Today, less than two years later, the company is worth $1.6 billion. Uh, what? How is a 2-year-old underwear company worth more than $1 billion? And more importantly, how can you use the answer…

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I hope this market crashes…

It’s a scary time to be in stocks right now. Although the economy seems to be bouncing back from the pandemic, stocks are swinging violently — and everyone from CNBC to MarketWatch is warning of trouble on the horizon. In fact, it’s not difficult to imagine a scenario where stock prices…

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This Dirty Trick Could Make You a Fortune

My sister just pulled a dirty trick on me. She’s lived in Los Angeles for the past seven years. And since I recently moved out here, she wanted to take me out for a “Welcome to the West Coast” dinner. She picked the restaurant and ordered for me — and the…

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably had it with all the bad news. Bad news about inflation and the economy… Bad news about cyber threats crippling the nation… Bad news about a sky-high stock market that has nowhere to go but down. Enough already! Which is why I’m going…

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One Simple Rule for Making 10X Your Money

Startups are a strange animal. Even though they have the potential to hand investors like you life-changing profits… They also have a high probability of failing. Makes sense. After all, startups are new enterprises searching for a profitable business model. The thing is, identifying a profitable business model can take…

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