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#1 Secret to REAL IPO Profits

I realize the title of today’s column might be confusing. I mean, just yesterday in this same newsletter, Matt trashed IPO investing. But here’s the thing: While I agree that IPO investing is a terrible strategy for making money these days… IPOs can still deliver huge windfalls to you — but…

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How to Truly Profit from the Next Wave of IPOs

Many of this decade’s fastest-growing tech companies are finally on the verge of going public. These IPOs are the most anticipated financial events in recent history. They’ll make many investors very, very rich. So what should you do? Are these once-in-a-lifetime IPOs that you can’t afford to miss? Or are…

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How to Make Money from IPOs

Last Thursday, a tech start-up called Square (NYSE: SQ) went public. For investors who got in early, when the company was still young and private, champagne corks should have been flying— After all, Square’s IPO gave the company a value of nearly $3 billion. So why the heck were so…

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