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The Death of the Salaried Employee

Every spring, investors from Wall Street to Silicon Valley wait in anticipation for one of the most important reports of the year. They’re not waiting for the jobs numbers, GDP data, or any other conventional economic indicator. These investors are waiting on The Internet Trends Report—a report that’s predicted nearly every…

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The #1 Question to Ask Before You Invest

17 years ago, a start-up called Kozmo offered consumers something they’d never experienced before: One-hour delivery of just about anything you could imagine. Need a couple of aspirin or a new hairdryer? You got it. How about a soy latte from Starbucks? On its way. But in the span of…

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IPO Alert: Two Ways to Play It

Just a few hours from now, the biggest U.S. tech IPO of the year will get priced… And tomorrow, it will start trading. According to The New York Times, it could "rank among the 10 biggest-ever stock market debuts of an Internet company." If all goes well, it could raise nearly $1…

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