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The Easiest Way to Guarantee IPO Profits

Last Friday was a big day for investors… It was IPO day for Lyft, the ride-sharing company. This was one of the most anticipated financial events in recent history. It was expected to make many investors very, very rich. So today, I’ll show you what happened (spoiler alert: it didn’t…

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The Death of the Salaried Employee

Every spring, investors from Wall Street to Silicon Valley wait in anticipation for one of the most important reports of the year. They’re not waiting for the jobs numbers, GDP data, or any other conventional economic indicator. These investors are waiting on The Internet Trends Report—a report that’s predicted nearly every…

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The Ride of Your Life

Ever heard of Marc Andreessen? He’s the genius who created the Internet’s first web browser… He sits on the boards of Facebook, eBay, and HP… And he has a track record of successfully building and investing in technologies that have changed our world—technologies like Netscape, Skype, and Twitter. Essentially, Marc’s…

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