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Charge Your iPhone with Your Body

The Hottest Airplane Seat in 2021 First class? Nope. Exit row for more leg space? Not even close. To see the most requested seat on your next flight, click here » You’ll Never Buy These Amazon Products Amazon just announced three new products. But it’s not likely you’ll get your…

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Robots Could Overthrow the President

A Phone Case Made from… Skin It looks like skin. It feels like skin. It even “responds” to tickling and pinching. This is definitely the weirdest cell phone case we’ve ever seen » NASA Reveals Date for Life on Mars NASA just announced the date that humans will land on…

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An App for Rating Humans

Generating Power—Out of Thin Air We live in a perpetual cloud of radio frequency (RF) signals. These signals are the reason your smartphone gets coverage, and your TV receives digital broadcasts. Now a new company has figured out how to use all this RF energy to create usable electricity. Power…

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