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Elon’s Next Business Venture: Parking Lots?

Where Do All the Startup Founders Come From? (Hint: not Harvard) A new study reveals the colleges that create the most startup founders. Which one tops the list? The answer may surprise you » Office Building… or Secret Vault? This ordinary brick building is surrounded by razor wire and armed…

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How to Get Rich from Mouthwash

Eating this Common Food Can Reduce Your Cancer Risk by Sixty Percent A certain molecule has the astonishing ability to cut your risk of cancer by sixty percent. Wait ‘til you hear what foods contain this life-saving element » The Robot Searching for Underwater Cities The ocean is full of…

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Book Your Next Flight with Uber

Boat or House? A $100,000 Difference City officials in Miami contend that a certain “floating structure” is a house. But its owner says it’s a boat. Who’s right? The answer could be worth $100,000. What do you think? » Uh Oh… McDonald’s Is In Trouble Vending machines nowadays offer everything…

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Your Mind Can Be "Hacked," Says AI Expert

Have You Seen Apple’s Hottest New Product? Apple recently unveiled a $1,000 phone and a $2,000 laptop. But its hottest new product costs just $20. Do you have one yet? » Take a Ride in an Electric Vehicle From 1908 Perhaps surprisingly, the market for EVs has been booming since…

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Are Hackers Targeting Your Thermostat?

Wow, People Really Dislike Jeff Bezos Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos is heading to space. And as it turns out, more than a few people hope he doesn’t make it back. Read more » Free Big Macs and Fries… If You Pledge Your Loyalty Competition in the fast-food industry is fierce.…

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Your Empty Amazon Boxes Can Fuel Your Car

This Device Can Put an End to Nightmares A new device just got clearance from the FDA, and it could put an end to night terrors. See how here » Get Free McRibs from McDonalds Want to score some free fast food? You can — but you’ll have to be…

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Don't Visit Another Website Until You Read This…

“Alexa, Who’s Breaking Into My House?” No need for fancy alarm systems or menacing watch dogs. Now your smart speaker can help protect your home. Find out how right here » This McDonalds Doubles as a U.S. Embassy The world’s largest fast food joint is adding a new item to…

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Solving This Bitcoin Puzzle Is Worth $50,000

Ford Motor Company Creates a “Hangover” Suit  Ford Motor Company has developed a bodysuit that makes you feel like you had way too many drinks last night. To see what it looks like — and to hear why Ford would do such an awful thing — click here » Diabetes Detection…

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Elon Musk’s Robot Will Do Your Chores

You rely on Crowdability to bring you the best deals. Now, rely on us to share the most up-to-date news, trends and opinion. You won’t find this stuff in the mainstream press. Look for it every Friday morning. Quad-Amputee Completes 24 Hours of Le Mans Fred Sausset, a quad-amputee, defied all odds to finish 38th in Le Mans. The 47-year-old…

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