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The Dumbest Way to Invest in Self-Driving Cars

Late last year, Intel Corporation (INTC) tried to make itself relevant again… Or, at the very least, it tried to add a few bucks to its share price after watching it slide by nearly 50% over the past year. How so? By completing the long-anticipated IPO of its self-driving car…

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Stocks going down — profits going up!?

Depending on how you look at it, it could be a scary time to be an investor right now — especially in the stock market. With Russia invading Ukraine, historic levels of inflation, and the lingering effects of the pandemic, the market is going through some rough times. In the…

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Retire from just ONE Investment

Editor's Note: Matt is traveling this week. So today, we’ll be re-publishing a popular article from our archives. This is a natural follow-up to Matt’s article from last week, where he introduced you to Crowdability’s “Venture Capital Fund.” Enjoy! Two weeks before we started sheltering in place, our friend Aitio dropped…

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Make Big Gains Even While Stocks are Falling

2021 was the year of the “meme stock.” Companies like GameStop (GME) saw their values skyrocket as thousands of individual traders banded together on various internet forums to push the stock higher. In just days, shares shot up by more than 1,800%. But after that brief surge, GameStop’s stock price…

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Make Money from Crappy IPOs

Everyone knows the “simple” way to make money in the market: Buy low and sell high. For example, buy into a stock when it IPOs, then cash out when it trades higher. But today I’ll show you a different way to profit from an IPO… This is a way to…

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Mark Your Calendar for 6,829% Gains

Want to know the trick to pocketing the biggest gains in the market? Simple. Make sure to invest in the “next big thing” — before it becomes the “next big thing.” Over the last six or seven years, the biggest thing has been Bitcoin and Ethereum. In that time, Bitcoin…

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Next Wave of Crypto Profits?

As Matt explained yesterday, there are two schools of thought about crypto today. In the first school, folks believe the biggest gains have already been made. And in the second school, people believe we’re still at the earliest stages of the boom. But who’s right? Well, today, I’d like to…

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Tesla "Buy" Signal?

In the last 30 days, Tesla shares (TSLA) have shot up nearly 50%. But what happens next? Will shares keep soaring? Or are they about to fall back to earth? Today, I’ll give you our perspective on this situation… Then I’ll reveal how to position yourself for the biggest potential…

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The "Missing Piece" for Self-Driving Cars

A major new tech trend has been taking shape recently... And in the years to come, it’s expected to become massive. You see, not only is this market soon projected to be worth over $7 trillion... But each year, it could help save over 1.2 million lives. What trend am…

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