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Federal Asset Paying 7.3% Yield

Can you guess what the government’s largest asset is? Surprisingly, it’s not land, mortgages, or tax receivables. It’s student loan debt. According to a recent report by the Federal Reserve, student loans currently represent 48.5% of the government’s assets... And over the next 20 years, those loans will translate into…

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"Crisis-Proof Bonds"

Earlier this week, a deal was reached on the Greek debt crisis. With a meltdown averted, the interest rate on Greece’s 10-Year Government Bond stabilized at about 12%. If you’re searching for yield, a 12% yield is obviously enticing—but would you be comfortable investing in Greek debt? We sure wouldn’t.…

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Surprising Way to Triple Your Dividends

Many risk-averse investors seek out the stability of big, recession-proof brands… Brands like McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) or Burger King (NYSE: BKW). These stocks may help you sleep at night, but they sure don’t offer much yield: Dividends from Burger King are less than 1%… And “high-yielding” McDonald’s offers just 3.5%.…

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