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Make 99x Your Money… Without Touching Stocks

Do you trust the stock market with your cash? Long-term, sure I do. But short-term, no way. The S&P is up double-digits since mid-June… But now everyone from BlackRock to Morgan Stanley to Jeremy Grantham (who called the 2000 and 2008 crashes) expects the next move to be down, down,…

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Invest in This "Stock"

Two months ago, there was a major law change. This change is tearing down walls that have been in place for 83 years—and it’s opening up new ways for you to invest and make money. Simply put, every U.S. citizen is now legally allowed to invest in start-ups. It no longer…

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In This Investing Battle, You're The Winner

With school out for summer, the trash-talking playground bullies have gone quiet. But in the halls of early-stage investing, the zingers continue to fly. The season’s most riveting grudge match? The Old-School Venture Capitalists versus The New-School Equity Crowdfunders! Today we’ll take a quick look at each side’s insults – and reveal…

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How To Get a 10x Return

Let’s play a quick round of “Which Investment Is Less Risky?” Here are your choices: Start-up A: 7 years in business. Millions in revenue. Current value of $10 billion. Start-up B: 1 year of business. Hardly any revenue. Current value of $1 million. OK, so which investment is less risky?…

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