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10 Reasons You Should Ignore These Experts

Last weekend, my fiancée and I were catching up on old Shark Tank episodes. We love to watch entrepreneurs pitch their start-up ideas to “Sharks” like Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran. But after the Sharks said “I’m out!” to some start-ups I was bullish on—and I said “Definite pass!” to…

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Invest Like Mark Cuban

If you’re one of the 7.9 million people who tunes into ABC’s hit show, Shark Tank, then Mark Cuban needs no introduction. But just in case you’re not familiar with Mark, here are a few relevant facts: He made most of his $3 billion fortune by starting and selling technology companies, including selling to Yahoo!…

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Shark Attack: Is Your Money Safe?

In the late 90’s, Americans became more entertained by the stock market than by major league sports. By combining money with entertainment, CNBC’s financial shows started attracting more viewers than ratings-heavyweight ESPN. As millions of investors tuned in to watch personalities like Jim Cramer weigh in on specific stocks, trading activity among individual…

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