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NBA Players Could QUIT Because of One Ultra-Lucrative Investment

The world’s most successful athletes and entertainers are already rich… But now they’ve discovered an investment that’s so lucrative, they could quit their “day job.” For example, rumors have been swirling that Kobe Bryant will come out of retirement to play alongside LeBron James. But Kobe won’t do it — he’s…

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Simple Trick for Earning 10x Returns

Next week, SnapChat is set to IPO. When it goes public, the popular photo and video sharing start-up is expected to have a market cap of about $18 billion. At that level, Snap’s private market investors stand to make a fortune. In fact, even Snap’s investors who got involved late…

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Drug Dealers Give Investing Advice

A massive market bursting with profits... Aggressive competition... And an entrepreneur who’s putting it all on the line. You might think I’m referring to corporate warfare—but I’m not: I’m talking about the world of drug dealing. But the interesting thing is this: By observing one world, you can learn what…

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Diamonds: Cancer's Worst Enemy

"If we find cancer early, 90 percent survive. If we find cancer late, 10 percent survive." The above quote, from Wired Magazine, helps explain why certain bio-tech start-ups are shifting their focus: They’re shifting from cancer treatment to cancer detection. Last week, one of these world-changing start-ups received some great press…

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