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2,150% in Quick Profits

Late last year, I wrote to you about a major development in the private markets. As I explained, this development could help you earn potentially life-changing returns from your private investments — faster than you ever could before. In fact, I predicted your quick returns could reach 10x, 20x, even…

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Warning: Do Not Overpay for this Investment

Greed can blind you. It can take a wildly profitable investment and turn it into a loser. So today, I want to show you a simple trick to ensure you stay on your toes. As you’re about to learn, this one trick could help you make a fortune… In fact,…

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Three Profit Rules from a Startup Billionaire

Fred Wilson is one of the most successful startup investors in the world. He was an early investor in startups like Twitter, Twilio, and Etsy — all of which are now multi-billion-dollar publicly traded companies. That’s why he regularly tops Forbes’ “Midas List” of early-stage tech investors, and is rumored…

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Stop Worrying about the Market… And Earn a Fortune

Boom! Shares of social media company Snap (SNAP) rocketed higher last week — essentially quadrupling in about a year. Most investors were thrilled… except for one. You see, when Snap went public in 2017, NBCUniversal bought shares worth about $500 million. But after waiting for its investment to pay off…

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Investors Spot Opportunity Amidst Mental-Health Crisis

Here are a few examples of “the new normal” most of us can relate to: Wearing a mask. Washing our hands obsessively. And perhaps worst of all, feeling stressed and anxious. In fact, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, 42% of people surveyed in December 2020 reported anxiety or depression.…

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Pot-Stock Renaissance

It’s been a while since we covered pot stocks. The fact is, after the sector surged several years ago, excitement about it died down during the Trump years. But now — with a new administration in D.C., more states slated to legalize cannabis, and the idea of federal legalization gaining…

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Wow, No Cow — But Milk These Profits

“Terrible.” “Inescapable.” “Weird.” That’s how people on Twitter described Oatly’s Superbowl commercial. In case you don’t know, Oatly makes oat milk, a plant-based milk alternative made from oats. And its commercial stood out because, well, it was so bad. The ad (you can see it here) features the company’s CEO…

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$5 Billion in Direct Profits

Psst. Check this out. I’ve got a $5 billion secret for you. To explain what it is, let me start by showing you three companies: Casper, Warby Parker, and Dollar Shave Club. A few years ago, they were tiny startups, worth next to nothing. But as I write this column…

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Follow this rule for 1,000% returns…

Startups are a strange animal. Even though they have the potential to hand investors like you life-changing profits… They also have a high probability of failing. Makes sense. After all, startups are new enterprises searching for a profitable business model. The thing is, identifying a profitable business model can take…

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Double Your Money with Just 6 Cents

Today I’m going to show you a little magic trick… I’ll show you how to double your money by tweaking just a tiny piece of your portfolio. Sound too good to be true? Read on to see the “magic portfolio” trick in action… A “Traditional Portfolio” Most of us understand the benefits of diversification.…

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