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This Can't Be Right...

Matt shook his head. “This can’t be right,” he said. "Let’s check it again." We were reviewing the latest findings from our research team, and one particular data point was sticking out like a sore thumb: According to the data (which we eventually triple-checked), online private investing last quarter represented…

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First Time in 83 Years

Unprecedented change is coming to the markets this year. A detailed announcement about it will soon be made by one of the United States’ most powerful organizations... And it will trigger one of the largest “gold rushes” we’ve seen in our lifetimes. Surprisingly, the mainstream press has given this event…

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Your Backdoor into Exclusive Hedge Funds

Pop Quiz:  What’s the typical minimum investment to get into a hedge fund? A)   $10,000 B)   $100,000 C)   $500,000+ Traditionally, the answer would have been (C) $500,000 or more… But the rules just changed… A new company is attempting to tear down the exclusive walls of the hedge fund industry.…

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Election Results: Why You’re the Real Winner

Last Tuesday, November 4th, was a crucial day for your financial future… It was 2014’s mid-term elections. As you probably know, the Republicans were victorious… But behind the scenes, there was an even bigger winner: You. The Results The Republicans will gain control of the Senate, and they’ll increase their majority in…

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