Dear Reader,

Matt Milner here. I’m one of the founders of Crowdability...

And I have to admit, my fingers are racing as I type this note to you.

Not just because of the seismic fortune-making opportunity at hand…

But because I’m about to show you how to claim a stake in a breakthrough company at its PRE-IPO stage...

For just $100.

I Call This Company’s Tech Breakthrough the

As you’re about to learn, this is one of the first space-based internet companies.

In its own words, the company is creating the world’s first “space wide web.”

I’ll explain what that means in a moment. But before I do, it’s important that you understand a few things:

  1. This company has already proven that its tech works — in fact, it recently sent the world’s first “tweet from space.”
  2. Not only is the management team made up of leading communications and networking engineers who’ve spent decades at NASA...
  3. But it’s also backed by the biggest players in the modern day “space race” — I’m talking about billionaire space entrepreneurs like Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson.

In the very near future, these world-renowned entrepreneurs believe demand for this tiny company’s technology could potentially soar.

You see, as we send more and more devices and people into space, the demand for “space-based” internet connectivity is increasing exponentially.

But here’s the thing:

My research is telling me that there’s an even bigger opportunity at hand...

More specifically, I project that in the very near future…

You could be using this company's groundbreaking technology to get access to the Internet…

And not just in space... but from ANYWHERE in the world.

Not only that, but you could get this global internet access:

  • At 10x the speed of your current provider...
  • For 90% less than what you're currently paying...
  • And because it could be beamed to your computer or mobile phone from space, it could give you impeccable coverage no matter where you are!

That could mean coverage in every nook and cranny of the entire world.

No roaming fees. No dropped calls. No lack of coverage. Period.

If I’m right, then just a small private investment of $100 in the company pioneering the “Space-Net” could turn into as much as $48,750…

More on those potential profits in just a moment...

But first, I want to celebrate this potential breakthrough with you — because the “Space-net” is truly life changing.

To mark this occasion, I want you (and thousands of other Crowdability members who are reading this presentation) to light a match under your last cable bill…

... and count the seconds until it’s gone.

Because potentially beginning as soon as just 30 days from now… that’s how long it’ll take for the $2.7 trillion telecom industry to start going up in flames.

And when that happens, you could put yourself in position to:

  • Sweep those ashes from your bills into the trash, where they belong.
  • Pick up your monopoly-sized windfall (if you follow my simple guidance today).
  • And never rely on Comcast, Verizon, or Charter Cable for your TV, phone, OR internet, ever again.

Which means, never push-buttoning through their awful automated phone service…

And never waiting three hours for the repair man to show up.

Because the breakthrough we’ll discuss in today’s brief presentation could soon…

Beam perfect internet, phone & TV wherever you are…
for what my estimates say could be just a few bucks a month

And to be clear, this isn’t just the next “ace” up the cable company’s marketing sleeve…

It’s a full paradigm shift set to rip the floor out from under the $2.7 trillion telecom industry.

Bloomberg calls what you’re about to discover...


Forbes compared this “Space-Net” startup to AOL’s swift market takeover in the 90s, saying…

“Companies like AOL democratized the
internet & opened it up to the masses… [this
startup] parallels the development of the
terrestrial internet.” — Forbes

It’s no wonder this same source also reported that these cable kings are trembling in their thrones…

As an estimated 8,500 more customers “cut the cord” every day, the big cable and Internet companies are biting their nails...

“Nervously watching their business model waste away like a melting glacier.”

And the truth is, they should be nervous!

I mean, this new "Space-Net" could connect billions of people to the Internet from anywhere in the world…

All using the breakthrough router you see here sitting on the table...

And this “Space-Net” could be delivered with breathtaking speed — up to 12x faster than what’s loading this web page right now.

But that might make you wonder:

Every time a new technology like this comes along…

Something like 3G, 4G, 5G... On-Demand... or “internet TV,” for example...

Doesn’t it always seem like it will finally end the terrible reign of “America’s Most Hated Industry”... but then nothing changes?

Well, the reason for this is simple:

Every time a new technology hits the market, the cable and Internet giants vacuum it right into their already-bloated suite of services…

And YOU end up paying more for it!

For example, last June, the government caught Comcast red-handed stealing TiVo’s proprietary technology for its own DVR service... while charging customers like you an EXTRA $300 per year for it!

So what’s to stop the cable giants from doing the same thing again now?

Simple: The “Space-Net” tech breakthrough has the potential to make every cable, TV, internet & phone service OBSOLETE.

Past improvements have merely made things incrementally better...

But the opportunity you’re leaning about today is a quantum leap — through the heavens and beyond.

This is a completely NEW technology that the world has never seen before.

On top of that, this company already has the intellectual property, patents, and hard-to-come-by FCC approvals locked in place!

Once this company gets rolling, it would be difficult, if not outright impossible, for the cable companies to simply “copy” its “Space-Net” technology.

Which means...

The train robbery FINALLY ends.
Big Cable Dies. “Space-Net” is Born.
(And This Private New Mexico startup — backed by Bezos, Branson & NASA — could deliver you a fortune)

AOL took control of the internet from universities & governments in the 90s…

Opened it up to the MASSES…

And then helped investors earn a tidy 70,636% profit.

Well, according to my forecasts, the same type of thing could happen here...

This tiny Santa Fe startup could take the reins from Big Cable…

Revolutionize the way you receive phone, internet & cable service...

And re-open these services to Americans in a fast, affordable, transparent way that we’ve NEVER seen before…

This millionaire-making opportunity gives you the chance to get in on the ground floor of a cutting-edge technology — just like Jeff Bezos, Sir Richard Branson, and even NASA!

Incredibly, if this tiny tech startup pulls off what I think it could…

Then its “Space-Net” tech could completely eliminate the need for:

  • Expensive cell towers…
  • Inefficient networks of underground cable wires...
  • And even the expensive “cable modems” and networking equipment you pay hefty monthly fees for!

That’s because it could beam you perfect, high-speed internet access from space — no matter where you are in the world.

And I’m not the only one shaking with excitement over what this could mean for ordinary consumers — and for investors like you! For example:

  • NASA already invested $2 million into this company and confirms this is “the first internet service provider in space”...
  • Sir Richard Branson, the eccentric billionaire founder of Virgin Galactic, has already contracted to use this technology…
  • Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of, LOVES this technology so much... he attached it to his rocket.

Jeff Bezos is “ALL IN” on today’s startup. Here he is, inches away from the founder of today’s New Mexico company. This picture was taken just moments after the tiny startup flawlessly showcased its breakthrough from space. Read below for details on how to join Amazon’s billionaire founder & claim your stake BEFORE the available investing slots are gone.

And here’s the best part…

Today I’m going to show you how to invest
in this company while it’s still private
(before it has the chance to go
hyperbolic in an IPO)...
Starting with just $100!

If that statement didn’t just blow your mind, listen up...

Because that could explain why you’ve never had a fair chance to make the money you deserve, until today.

Investing in private companies is largely how Mark Cuban amassed a $3 billion fortune & acquired the Dallas Mavericks…

He did it without touching the stock market!

For students of the financial markets, this won’t be a surprise. After all, according to ThinkAdvisor, a research service for professional investors…

* 8 of the most profitable investments of all time were in PRIVATE deals. *

Private investing is also how a team of PhDs at Yale made a 93% yearly return from 1995 to 2015.

* In total, that’s a shocking gain of 51,421,670%! *

And today, you’ll learn how you could have the chance to earn similar returns, by getting in early… before this tiny “Space-Net” company launches into orbit.

Now, look — if you’ve read this far, you’re a serious and smart person. So let’s talk about risk for a minute.

As you know, all investing comes with risk — whether it’s the risk of inflation on the cash sitting in your savings account, or whether it’s taking an educated gamble on a private startup like the one I’m talking to you about today.

Although I’m projecting what could be huge gains here, please understand that my figures are projections — NOT guarantees.

Don’t confuse the two.

And just like you’d do with any investment, you should never put in money you can’t afford to lose.

Got it? Good.

So now we can move on to our next serious point of discussion.

You see, with all millionaire-making opportunities comes competition.

But if you’re here reading this today…

I suspect you aren’t the kind of person to shy away from competition — especially not when there’s multiple millions on the line.

So you’ll need to act quickly and read this letter in full. Because…

Today’s startup is accepting just $350,000 in
new investment dollars… so you need to
make your move right now!

Now, I understand you’ll need a few more details before you make up your mind…

And that’s why I’ve hurried to put together this brief presentation while there’s still time.

If you want to get in on the ground floor of a company that’s being supported by the most successful investors of our age, including:

  • Richard Branson
  • Jeff Bezos
  • (Plus, every sign points to Elon Musk needing this technology by year-end…)

Then please, pore over the details of today’s report and act fast, because this deal may already be closed by the time you finish this presentation.

That’s because we expect demand for this company’s technology...

And demand for this INVESTMENT…

To be off the charts.

We’ll get to the investment, and your potential rewards, in just a moment.

But first let’s cover the consumer demand.

Because if this company pulls off what I’m suspecting it could…

Its internet will be fast... it will be uninterrupted... and it will be everywhere.

Imagine it: a new era of modern Internet…

One I estimate will cost you no more than a few bucks a month…

(For comparison’s sake, I’m paying more than $100 for my internet and phone now! What about you?)

Essentially, we’ll flip a virtual switch and connect the entire planet.

Over time, this breakthrough could save you hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars.

And for some, it will save much more…

Consider the case for Cole Marshall, a web developer in Sun Prairie, WI.

To run cable internet to his home outside the city limits, Comcast wants him to cough up $117,000!

But when the breakthrough I’m talking about rolls out, Cole can thumb his nose at Comcast. Instead of forking his hard-earned money over to a big monopoly, he can keep it for himself and his family.

It’s the same thing for Nelson Schneider.

Schneider is a family farmer in Ceresco, Nebraska. He needs a reliable internet connection to bring his growing operation into the modern age.

But he can’t wrap his head around what Windstream Communications is demanding to be paid to run high-speed internet to his property:


But the technology I’m about to show you could allow Nelson to modernize his business — and keep his money in his pocket, where it belongs.

Early test customers using a similar type of "Space-Net" breakthrough have called it a game changer. It clocks in at 12 times faster — and 10 times cheaper — than what they were forced to use before.

And here’s the best part…

If History Is Any Guide, This Private Startup
Investment Could Help You Turn
$100 Into $48,750

And that’s not an overblown profit prediction...

You see, historically, every time the internet has taken a massive step forward, massive wealth gets created.

For instance, after AOL introduced its dial-up internet service, its stock soared 70,636%.

Over time, that’s enough to turn $10,000 into over $7 million from a single trade.

Then, when Earthlink helped usher in the age of DSL, its stock shot up 6,638%.

And as cable internet came to replace DSL, investors in Comcast were rewarded with eye-popping gains of 36,989%!

That’s enough to turn a small $5,000 investment into well over $1.7 million.

Stunning, no doubt.

But those gains are nothing compared to the potential at hand.

Because again, unlike traditional "wired" internet services, when “Space-Net” is eventually rolled out, it could literally reach almost everyone in the world.

This might be hard to believe, but nearly half the people in the world still don’t have internet access. That's more than 3.5 billion people who can't get online!

This lack of access is either due to absurdly high access costs... or the cost of running high-speed fiber to their remote locations.

But “Space-Net” could change everything.

That’s why I’m projecting huge potential gains here, in line with some of the biggest telecom breakthroughs of our lifetimes!

But remember, even with all the research I’ve done, I’m NOT suggesting you bet the mortgage money on this one.

Please be smart about the risk that comes with speculations like these. Please don’t overextend yourself.

This is a speculation, not a sure thing.

Let me explain...

At the center of this breakthrough sits a tiny,
privately-held company. It was granted the
FIRST FCC approval to use this technology to
connect anyone in space, to anyone on earth.

This tiny company is pursuing its goals in a very methodical way — and what I believe to be a very low-risk way:

Simply put, to start, it’s connecting everyone in space, to everyone on Earth.

You see, most people don’t know this, but there’s almost no WiFi or internet in space.

Right now, for example, when astronauts want to communicate back to Earth, they use an old type of slow radio signal.

So currently, this tiny New Mexico startup company's primary focus is on providing fast, reliable internet access in space.

This is important for two reasons:

First, it gives astronauts a way to connect to Earth in nearly real-time.

And second, it enables the “internet of things” in space. That means all the satellites flying through space can be connected with one another…

And teams on Earth can track the movements of these items.

The company’s “Phase 1” strategy is nearly complete, too.

For example, it’s already set up Wi-Fi routers in space — and this allowed the company to make history:

It sent the very first “tweet” from space! It was captured on camera right here (and you can see how happy the reporter was when the technology was proven).

However, I believe this was just the first step in a much larger strategy...

My gut tells me this company is onto
something far bigger than sending tweets from

I believe that once this company perfects its technology…

Once its routers are on every satellite in orbit…

Then there's nothing holding it back from providing “Space-Net” internet to everyone in space… and everyone here on earth too!

And that’s where the real money will be made.

Because that's when the "Space-Net" could start offering blazing speeds and total worldwide coverage for just a small fraction of the price you're paying now.

How much money is at stake here when we add up phone, internet, and wireless access around the world?

Well, according to Bank of America, the potential profit pool this company could tap into is about $2.7 trillion.

Of course, no investment is guaranteed.

But before I show you how much money we stand to make by investing, let me quickly show you why I expect demand for the “Space-Net” to be off the charts…

And to do that, let me ask you a question…

Why the Heck are You Paying Your Internet
Company So Much? And How Do They Keep
Getting Away With it?!

Well for starters...

You and I (and 300 million+ other Americans) are paying top dollar for internet service that’s so slow, it doesn’t even rank in the Top 10 worldwide!

In fact, not a single state in the U.S. averages anywhere near the minimum requirement for “broadband” speeds!

Compare that to Iceland.

Iceland’s population is so sparse that its phone book lists residents by first name.

Yet it’s ranked 15 spots higher than the U.S. when it comes to internet speed.

Even in Venezuela — where 8 out of 10 people don’t have enough money for food — mobile internet is twice as fast as in the U.S.

Which means...

The State of Internet Service in our Great
Nation is Worse than in Third World Countries

So does that mean we’re paying roughly in line with what we’re getting?

Heck no, it doesn’t.

Companies like Comcast and Verizon are gleefully raising the cost of their services at 4 TIMES the rate of inflation!

In fact, the average American is now paying $132 a month for their little internet and cable “bundles of joy.”

And meanwhile, South Koreans — who have the best service in the world — pay just $28 a month for broadband that’s four times faster than ours!

I've gotta tell you, it’s highway robbery, and it sickens me.

But the oligarchy of Time Warner, Verizon, and Comcast has gotten away with it so far because they’ve always found a way to control everything.

Including manipulating the most important part of the modern internet.

Consider this…

A small team of my editorial researchers are, right now, sitting in a typical American neighborhood in Maryland.

By any measure, they’re in a modern American town — except for one thing:

There’s no fiber internet where they are.

People who live in the same area as my team — like Jonathan Turner and his wife Kathy, who you see right here — have just one option: Comcast Cable.

Now, Comcast advertises pretty fast speeds.

But do consumers like Jonathan and Kathy actually get those speeds?

Not likely.

Look at these cables overhead.

That’s copper wire.

Copper wires are killing your internet speed!

This “technology” was invented by Alexander Graham Bell over 100 years ago.

It was meant to carry voices, not internet and streaming video.

So, even if Comcast shoots its blazing fast internet to this neighborhood through fiber optic cables…

The minute Jonathan and Kathy’s Netflix show hits these copper wires, it’s gotta slam on the brakes.

This 100-year-old technology just can’t handle the speed.

Now, if companies stopped running the internet through these old wires and dug trenches for fiber optic cable, this problem could be solved.

But that’s easier said than done.

As you can see from the picture above, there are gas lines, water mains, sewer pipes, and electrical cables everywhere underground.

It’s one big mess of spaghetti under here.

Which makes running fiber optics to these homes very expensive.

In fact, a Goldman Sachs study found that running fiber to all the Americans currently without it would cost $140 billion.

So the internet companies just don’t do it.

And all these folks paying for “high-speed” internet — speeds that never come close to what the providers are promising — are going to keep getting screwed.


Because the internet companies know darn well these folks aren’t going anywhere!

One in three Americans have just one choice for broadband service.

So it’s either pay out the nose for bad service... or pay nothing and get no service at all.

Here’s how Gizmodo sums it up:

But what if we could eliminate the need for any kind of cable at all?

In other words, what if your internet service could be delivered straight to your home through the air — with nothing in the way to slow it down?

And most importantly, what if we could eliminate the greedy internet companies’ role in getting that internet to you?

Incredibly, it’s possible… and it could happen much sooner than you’d expect.

It’s all thanks to the greatest technological innovation since the computer.

I’m Talking About a Brand New Revolution in
L.E.O. Transmission, known as “Space-Net”

This is a constellation of highly-advanced ”micro-routers” in Low Earth Orbit (L.E.O.).

And not only could it provide internet access to thousands of satellites and space stations…

But it could also cover every square inch of the planet with uninterrupted, high-speed internet from space.

"Space-Net": The Internet’s Next Big Evolution

Again, let me be clear…

This New Mexico company isn’t beaming worldwide internet just yet…

First, it’s focusing on its main mission: space-to-earth internet communication.

But given the $2.7 TRILLION opportunity at hand, it’s simply too big of a market to ignore…

I’m also guessing that, as the company is still polishing up its final plans, it wouldn’t want to “show its cards” to potential competitors too soon, either.

(Which is probably why it’s keeping it out of the media.)

But once it flips the "Space-Net" “switch,” we expect the results to be nothing short of extraordinary.

NASA recently invested $2 million… just to test this technology.

And now NASA wants to use it on the International Space Station (ISS).

Plus, it’s the first FCC-approved technology of its kind.

A technological leap of this magnitude has never been possible until now.

There are several reasons why…

The first reason is the “micro-routers” themselves.

Instead of orbiting at 22,000 miles above the earth’s surface like most satellites, these routers are microsatellites positioned in Low Earth Orbit, which is just 750 miles away.

That’s one reason "Space-Net" will be so much faster: It’s thirty times closer to earth than traditional satellites!

And the micro-routers themselves are a marvel of engineering.

The Wall Street Journal reports that they’re:

And they’re tiny. Each one is about the size of a carry-on suitcase.

But don’t let their size fool you.

My research into comparable technologies indicates that they’ll be unbelievably powerful…

In fact, each satellite could send ten beams of internet down to earth.

And each beam could cover up to 400 miles.

Meaning, if my data is correct…

Just Three "Space-Net" “Micro-Routers” Could
Cover an Area the Size of India

And to blanket the entire earth in high-speed internet?

As this company could be about to prove, it may take as few as 648 micro-routers.

Then, once the switch is flipped, receiving internet in your home will be simple.

No spotty modems. No outdated copper. No fiber.

You don’t even need to buy an antenna.

You’d simply need to be near a school, public building, or municipal building that has a receiver on its roof.

Then your phones and computers will automatically log on, and connect to the transmitter like the one you see on this rocket:

And again, the "Space-Net" transmitter is no larger than your carry-on suitcase, yet it could cover thousands of square miles.

Here’s what the receiver might look like:

It’s no bigger than the size of a laptop.

This mobile receiver could even allow a vehicle you’re traveling in to pick up high speed "Space-Net" signals anywhere you go.

Bottom line…

As populations and internet connections explode... every man, woman, child, vehicle, ship, and business on earth would be covered.

Like I said at the beginning of this note...

For you, that means no more dealing with your internet company’s infuriating customer service reps....

Never again waiting on its unreliable repairmen…

Saying goodbye to arbitrary “data caps”...

And never paying your internet company another dime!

"Space-Net" truly is “Internet
delivered from the heavens”

And here’s the kicker…

The price tag to launch this game-changing constellation of microsatellites and flip the ON switch?

It’s shockingly LOW.

Remember the figure Goldman Sachs came up with to run fiber optic internet just to the rest of the U.S.?

$140 billion.

Not a small number by any stretch of the imagination.

So you might expect that bringing "Space-Net" to 100% of the globe would be even more expensive.

And given what a vast improvement it offers, a higher cost — perhaps as high as $300 billion — would be justified.

But it isn’t more expensive. Not by a long shot.

In fact…

Bringing "Space-Net" To Everyone On Earth
Could Cost 98% LESS Than Laying Fiber Across
Just the United States Alone!

That’s right…

For this company to launch an entire constellation of micro-routers — including a network of receivers on Earth that you could automatically and freely log on to…

The total cost is estimated at just $2 billion to $3.5 billion.

So not only are we talking about the most reliable internet the world has ever seen…

But we’re also talking about the least expensive way EVER to launch it.

And according to my cost analysis, for users just like you, this could translate into a monthly charge of no more than just a few bucks a month.

TRANSLATION: That’s up to 90% less than we’re currently paying!

This could cause a fundamental shift in the history of the internet itself.

And because you’re getting in early…

Before any potential IPO on the stock market…

A small investment of just $1,000 could potentially put $487,500 into your bank account over time.

But here's the catch… if you want to claim those gains for yourself, you have to take action before your private investing slot is gone.

My research indicates that you should make your move fast.

That’s because this company is only accepting $350,000 from investors like you — and nearly HALF has already been claimed!

If my estimates are correct, this deal could be gone in the next 30 days!

After that, you could get locked out. Or you could be left fighting for the table scraps with the rest of the investing public after this company IPOs.

Again, I’m not making these claims lightly...

This is based on decades of historic profits from similar companies...

Remember, AOL soared 70,636%.

Earthlink skyrocketed 6,638%.

And Comcast catapulted 36,989%.

And over time, what we’re about to witness could match or even exceed those gains.

Remember: these return figures — though exceptional — were for public stock market investors.

Today’s opportunity, on the other hand, is for a private investment.

And based on my team’s rigorous analysis of historical gains from private investments, you can see why I’m so confident in my forecasts. For example…

  • We’ve seen cases where private investors are bagging gains that are 625 times higher than stock market investors.
  • It might sound too good to be true, but this is how Warren Buffett, Donald Trump, and the venture capitalists on Shark Tank make some of their most lucrative investments.
  • And again, it’s how a team of PhDs at Yale made a 93% yearly return from 1995 to 2015. In total, that’s a shocking gain of 51,421,670%.

To see what I mean, just take a quick look at this chart of pre-IPO profits versus post-IPO profits.

This chart would make now-famous investor Peter Thiel grin ear-to-ear.

After all, he turned every $900 he invested in Facebook back when it was still private … into an estimated $1,800,000.

Now, the public stock returns like the ones you see in this chart are certainly “good.”

For example, Ebay would have returned more than 857% two years after its IPO.

And Facebook would have returned 520% after its IPO.

But as you can see, those gains are NOTHING compared to the private returns that can pile up when you get into these companies BEFORE they IPO.

And now...

Thanks to new laws recently passed by
Congress, YOU can claim your stake in today’s
private company — with as little as $100.

(This tiny amount could explode into a $48,750 windfall — if you follow the guidance below.)

Look, it’s rare for me to feel so confident (and make such a large profit prediction) about an opportunity like this.

But given this company’s proprietary technology...

Its massive advantages over existing cable companies...

And the all-star team of backers who are already supporting it...

I’m confident this could end up being one of the most profitable investments of my career...

And here’s what makes me even more confident…

This tiny startup is the FIRST and ONLY active American company with FCC approval to beam today’s "Space-Net" Internet.

Think about that…

Imagine if AOL had been the only FCC approved dial-up internet access provider…

Investors would have pocketed gains even bigger than 70,636%!

And that’s what's happening right here.

In 2013, the CEO of this company successfully demonstrated his "Space-Net" technology to the world within the “microsatellite band” of space.

Since then, his company has become the first commercial internet and Wi-Fi in space cleared by the Federal Communications Commission.

You see, any company wanting to run a signal in or out of the U.S. must have FCC approval…

Which means this private New Mexico startup has almost no direct competition.

This is another reason I’m so confident about this company and this investment...

And I’m not the only one with this level of confidence…

Another big believer is none other than the first commercial astronaut in the U.S., Charlie Walker.

In fact, here’s Mr. Walker autographing one of the “Space-Net” routers!

Not only is Mr. Walker a pioneer in space exploration, but he’s also signed on to become an official Advisor to this revolutionary company.

And not only are this company’s advisors and backers putting their decades of experience and millions of dollars behind the idea of “internet for everyone all the time”...

They’re also betting on the brilliant man behind this tiny New Mexico startup.

His first name is Brian, and he’s the man who created this revolutionary internet company that is SIX FULL YEARS ahead of the competition.

Brian has spent 30 years in the commercial space industry — including inside NASA’s top-secret labs.

And thanks to his new venture, he’s already caught the eye of his former employer, NASA...

As well as Amazon founder and commercial space pioneer, Jeff Bezos.

So there’s no telling how long this tiny startup will remain out of the public eye.

(And there’s no telling when your time to invest will run out… so please don’t delay finishing today’s urgent briefing.)

More specifically, before Brian was first-to-market with this "Space-Net" breakthrough, he:

  • Built successful commercial satellite companies for 19 years & beamed internet to Fortune 500 companies and NATO.
  • Spent 6 years at NASA managing experiments that flew on the Space Shuttle & the International Space Station. In fact, he was personally responsible for the first successful experiments after the horrific Challenger disaster.
  • Rose to lead the world-renowned Space & High Technology piece of KPMG Consulting. This is where he managed a multi-million-dollar practice with clients including Boeing, NASA & the State of New Mexico.

But his latest technology — which he tested flawlessly in 2013 — has now rocketed six full years ahead of the competition.

It’s no wonder that Jeff Bezos wants Brian close by his side…

Why Sir Richard Branson’s company Virgin Galactic has a contract to fly Brian’s technology into space...

And why NASA invested $2 million just to test his world-changing technology.

These billionaires can sniff juicy profits from miles away… like a shark smells blood in water.

So what I’m presenting you with today is nothing short of…

An Opportunity to Pocket Millionaire-Making
Profits from The First Company with FCC
Approval to Deliver "Space-Net" to Everyone.

Now the Question Is This: Just How High
Could This Startup Go?

As I’ve been showing you…

The most obvious comparison is America Online.

AOL was first-to-market with dial-up internet — and investors reaped the rewards.

The thing is, as you might recall from back then, AOL’s first-generation product was lacking in quite a number of ways.

For example, it was slow, unreliable, and customers used to get constant busy signals when they tried to log on.

Despite those setbacks, about half of all Americans were using AOL by 1997. And the company’s share price soared 70,626%.

The tiny company I’m telling you about today has a far superior product.

It’s over 300 times faster...

It has the potential to reach 26 times more people than AOL reached in its prime...

And it’s anticipated to cost up to 10 times less than many folks are paying today for their spotty, unreliable internet.

This winning combination is about to create some serious wealth.

According to my calculations, once this company begins launching its "Space-Net" microsatellites, it’s setting itself up to tap into $27 billion of revenues every single year.

However, that’s still a limited view of what this company is capable of...

If my predictions play out…

"Space-Net" will be the first internet service that will grant the gift of high-speed, uninterrupted internet to everyone on earth.

No one on earth will be without high-speed internet once "Space-Net" goes live!

Altogether, this gives our tiny "Space-Net" company a total addressable market of $2.7 trillion.

So now that we know its revenues potential, let’s determine what this company could potentially be worth in the future.

To do that, let’s walk a very conservative line here…

First, let’s say the company focuses strictly on the U.S. market…

And then let’s say it captures just 10% of this market.

Well, the U.S. market is worth $27 billion.

So, if the company captures 10% of it, it would bring in about $2.7 billion in sales per year.

(It’s highly unlikely the company would ever manage to stay that small, but caution never hurts when setting a profit target.)

Next, we’ll multiply those projected annual sales by the Communication Services industry’s Price-to-Sales Multiple. (Using industry multiples is a conservative way to place a value on a company based on its revenues.)

The average multiple for the Communications Services industry is 1.46x.

And when we multiply 1.46 by a potential $2.7 billion in annual sales...

We get a projected value of $3.9 billion.

That’s a 487-fold gain... 48,750% from a single

Good enough to turn $100 into $48,750.

But ONLY if you’re ready to jump into this "Space-Net" investment immediately.

Now, you probably don’t need to be told that if this company captures 20% of the market, that windfall would jump to over $97,500.

If it hits 50% of its total potential market, you’d be sitting on over $243,750.

And if it conquers the entire global market — which I believe is a near inevitability given its breakthrough technology and six-year headstart over any potential competition — you could potentially walk away with $487,500.

All from a simple $100 investment.

Now, is this a “blue-sky” prediction? Yes.

However, if you line it up next to the gains that other major advances in the internet have delivered…

The likelihood that post-IPO "Space-Net" can turn a $100 investment into $48,750... $97,500... even $487,500 now seems far more than possible.

If all goes as my analysis predicts, those who put their money behind "Space-Net" will become the tech world’s newest group of self-made millionaires...

And they’ll go on to live a free and easy life wherever they please.

Again, though, one final reminder — all investing, including this speculation, comes with risk.

Nothing’s ever a “sure thing” when it comes to making money.

This company could go up huge. But it could also go down in value.

So please listen closely: never invest money in any deal, including this one, that you can’t afford to lose.

But if you’re smart about money management…

And if you can afford to speculate on what could be the “next big thing…”

Then you need to act immediately…

Remember, if you follow my strategy, you’ll be aligning your money right alongside Jeff Bezos, NASA & Richard Branson…

But there’s a critical reason you can’t delay...

You MUST claim your piece of the $350,000 funding round — or what’s still left on the table — before another investor beats you to it.

Again, the reason you stand to make such a life-changing fortune starting today…

Is that this investment doesn’t “live” in the public stock market...

Instead, it’s a private investment. That means there’s a limited amount of capital — or funding — this New Mexico startup is seeking to raise.

Specifically, it’s set out to raise $350,000 from investors like you.

Which means there’s good news, AND there’s bad news.

  • The Good News: you could still make a killing by investing in this company! (Remember, my estimates show just $100 could grow as high as $48,750)...
  • The Bad News: “Big Dog” investors like to eat — and if they catch a whiff of this opportunity, they could chomp a HUGE multi-hundred-thousand-dollar bite for themselves. That would leave everyday investors like us with nothing.

If you’re the kind of person who tends to dilly-dally, think about this:

  • Shark Tank star Robert Herjavec made a handshake deal on prime-time TV… for $5 million dollars.
  • Mark Cuban dropped a cool $10 million for a 20% stake in a film company.
  • And “Mr. Wonderful” ponied up $2.5 million into a single-serve wine company called Zipz.

$350,000 is CHUMP CHANGE to these Sharks — which means you’re out of luck if they beat you to it.

And I don’t just mean the “Sharks” on TV. Remember, today’s opportunity is open to almost anyone in the world.

So if you want to act, and invest like the ultra-rich have been investing for decades, I suggest you make your move within the next 30 days...

Because this deal could realistically close before then, with a handful of mega-rich investors gobbling up the whole pie.

In just a moment, I’ll show you where to go to invest…

How to stake a claim for as little as $100…

And when you could expect to see any potential profits.

But before we get to the juicy stuff, let me quickly show you how this investment stacks up to my THREE-STEP private investing system…

How to Spot the Biggest, Most Lucrative Tech
Trends with Shocking Accuracy

Here’s how my three-part system has been able to spot some of the world’s most profitable startup investments…

Tech Trend Test #1: The Market Must Be Hungry

In order for a new technological breakthrough to meet my criteria for investment, it must have a market that’s pulsing with pent-up demand.

In other words, the technology has to hit a hungry market and have something to sell immediately.

And not just to a niche market, but to the masses.

That's why, before I decide whether an investment is a “go,” I pose the following rigorous questions every time:

  1. Does this new breakthrough help people or change lives for the better?
  2. Do consumers WANT and NEED this new product?
  3. Will the FCC and FTC back any regulations necessary to launch it?
  4. Will it dominate its market?
  5. And can new revenues significantly boost its share price?

A "no" to any of these questions, and even the most hyped new technology is off the table.

Yes, it might be exciting to get behind a product that everyone is talking about…

But it’s far more important to get behind a new technology that has real potential to make you rich.

The company I'm recommending today has these attributes in spades.

  1. It will collectively save people billions of dollars, and change billions of lives for the better — likely yours included.
  2. Consumers today are demanding a better alternative to their crappy, overpriced internet service.
  3. This company is the only one on the right side of regulating bodies when it comes to launching its satellites globally.
  4. Meaning, it could realistically have a shot at 100% market domination.
  5. And even at a fraction of that market share, its potential revenues could soar, thereby boosting its stock price — and thereby giving you the shot to turn a small $100 private investment into $48,750.

Again, I can't guarantee those gains. Nobody can…

What I can tell you is this: This company has all the market-demand elements of a breakthrough winner.

Now, once I determine that the technology is ready to be embraced by the mass market, I move on to the second test in my analysis…

Tech Trend Test #2: The Technology is Backed by BIG Names

Demand is one thing, but in order to get a new technology created, marketed and sold around the world, a company needs significant backing.

A strong list of early backers demonstrates two things:

  1. The company knows how to attract significant funding.
  2. Smart, successful investors see a chance to cash in big.

I love finding a company that’s flooded with backing from brilliant business people & organizations. This gives a company the freedom to make big moves precisely when it needs to.

That’s why the backers’ list on our "Space-Net" company is so impressive.

  • Jeff Bezos
  • Richard Branson
  • Charlie Walker (World’s 1st Commercial Astronaut)
  • NASA

Together, these billionaires & tech geniuses have stepped up to the plate to get these microsatellites off the ground and into space.

As the CEO Brian said:

“There have been billions of billions of dollars spent on making this happen, and we’re right in the middle of it.”

After I’ve established that a company’s backing is secure and substantial, I move on to the third test…

Tech Trend Test #3: The Timing is Impeccable.

This is where a lot of investors run into problems.

They read a news story about a new technology breakthrough... then they immediately jump into it.

Here's the thing: If a new technology is still in the initial stages of its development, it could be years before its stock lifts.

Plus, at the very earliest stages, it's impossible to know if a technology actually works as it should.

On the other hand, if you sit out too long, you'll miss out on the biggest gains.

The key is to get in AFTER the technology has been proven and tested…

But BEFORE the company goes public or gets taken over.

Where is the “impeccable” point of entry on "Space-Net"?

All of my research indicates that it’s right now.

But no matter what, you should act quickly — because this deal may be filled up and closed by the time you read this message.

Look, this is likely the only way you can ride the same pre-IPO profit wave that Branson, Bezos & NASA are on — before the majority of investors even realize the age of "Space-Net" is upon us.

And again, I predict a tiny $100 private investment in this startup could hand you a $48,750 windfall.

My “Triple-Test” Tech Analysis Points to One
Conclusion: This Private "Space-Net"
Investment is Ready for Lift-Off

"Space-Net" is about to topple the most hated internet oligarchies and deliver a brand new form of fast, affordable, high speed internet to everyone on the planet.

It will change the entire global economic structure as we know it for the better.

Closer to home, it will make finicky modems, service outages, hidden fees and atrocious customer service from your internet company history.

Listen: Over 60 million Americans are still waiting for access to high-speed internet.

Worldwide, that number jumps to 4.2 billion.

"Space-Net" opens up this entire market and gives them — with the virtual flip of a switch — access to what they so desperately want.

As I run this company through my rigorous Triple-Test analysis, it just keeps looking better and better.

That’s why I am recommending it today with an "URGENT BUY" rating.

Remember, those who invested right before AOL’s launch had a chance to collect gains of 70,636%.

And those who jumped into Comcast were rewarded with a shot at a 34,991% win!

Yet those technologies still left billions of people without the internet.

Our "Space-Net" company could offer a far superior product…

Plus it’s designed to include all 7 billion people on the planet.

And remember, to blanket the planet in "Space-Net" costs a mere fraction of what it would cost to lay fiber just to the rest of the U.S.

The U.S. alone gives this tiny company a shot at a $27 billion market.

Using the conservative industry standard known as Price-to-Sales ratio and assuming this company captures just 10% of the U.S. market, we’ve determined a tiny $100 private investment could deliver a potential 487-fold win... or $48,750.

If you — as I do — believe the company will capture an even bigger piece of that market, returns grow to $243,750... $487,500… and even higher.

Would that be exceptional? No doubt.

But not when you compare it to similar historical scenarios.

Let’s face it…

Space-Net" is positioned to deliver a massive home run for private investors. But if you want a piece of it, you should take urgent action this month.

Here's how…

To show you how to claim your stake in this company, I’ve compiled all the details on this breakthrough opportunity into a new report titled:

“Space-Net"’s Private Launch Party: A Startup Play for up to 48,750% Gains”

Inside this in-depth report, you’ll find everything you need to know about this revolutionary company…

  • You’ll learn all about its breakthrough "Space-Net" technology…
  • You’ll learn about its highly experienced management team, and its roster of backers...
  • And most importantly, you'll get precise instructions about how to invest in this "Space-Net" company for as little as $100 — and detailed instructions on how to buy it for what I believe is a tiny fraction of its future value.

Plus, I’ll also give you an “insider look” at what I expect to see from "Space-Net" in the coming year, and beyond.

It’s incredibly easy to get started.

All you need is $100 — and within minutes,
you could be a private owner of today’s
"Space-Net" company. You’d be backing it
alongside the likes of NASA & Richard Branson.

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Private Market Profits is by far our most popular investing service.

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If you’ve been with my firm, Crowdability, for some time, you already know we’re big believers in the private markets...

My Co-Founder, Wayne Mulligan, and I personally own stakes in over 57 startup companies.

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QUESTION: How do I invest in private deals like this? Can I do it online, through my existing stockbroker, etc?

ANSWER: It’s much easier than you’d think!

For each Private Market Profits recommendation, you’ll receive a research report that includes all the details about the investment.

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QUESTION: I’ve heard I need to be an “accredited” investor to get into private deals like these? Is that true?

ANSWER: No, no, no… anyone with $100 can invest in this private deal!

It doesn’t matter if you make $250,000 per year or $25,000 per year...

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Anyone can invest in these deals.

All you need is the $100 minimum, and the details on where to make your investment.

And all that information is in your free copy of “Space-Net"’s Private Launch Party: A Startup Play for up to 48,750% Gains.”

QUESTION: Can I only invest $100?! Might not
be worth it to me if that’s the maximum.

ANSWER: $100 is the minimum, not the
maximum! The bigger the investment, the
larger any potential profits!

I want to be clear here...

The minimum investment for this deal is $100…

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You can invest more than that.

With that being said, there’s no reason to invest beyond your means...

That’s because we’re not talking about stocks here... we’re talking about private companies.

And the returns from these companies tend to be dramatically higher than stock investments.

In fact, studies have shown that the AVERAGE return for a profitable early-stage investment is 260%.

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On top of that, when you get lucky and invest in a company that grows very quickly and goes public... even a small $100 investment can turn into a fortune.

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So yes, even if you only have a few hundred dollars to invest in deals like these, it’s worth it.

To sum it up, here’s what you should do right

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Matt Milner
Founder, Crowdability

P.S. For too long, “America’s most hated companies” have been overcharging you for some of the slowest, crappiest internet on the planet. But now, one tiny company is primed to kill off Comcast, Verizon, and Charter Cable — in one clean shot. "Space-Net" is on track to deliver fast, unbroken internet to everyone on earth.

P.P.S. My research indicates this company will debut its commercial WiFi in the very near future. And I’ve developed a “private” strategy that could allow you to squeeze profits totaling 48,750% out of this deal. In other words, you have a shot at turning every $100 you invest into $48,750. But you must act quickly. This deal could be gone any day now! Furthermore, only the first 250 people who respond today will be eligible for the massive discount we’re offering.