1World Online

Advertising Platform for Top Brands

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Advertising, Sales & Marketing


Redwood City, CA

1World Online is a content creation and advertising solution for the world’s top brands.

It provides custom content for publishers and advertisers in the form of polls, quizzes, and surveys related to their brand. As users engage with this content, they’re presented with targeted ads.

This company is at the intersection of three markets: native advertising, organic online research, and big data. This represents a $300 billion opportunity.

1World Online helps customers create smart, targeted advertising that engages users. Its ads result in 10x greater conversions compared to those on Google, Facebook, and Twitter.

After deploying 1World Online’s content, customers experience:

• 60% increase in reader loyalty.

• Up to 4x increase in average time spent on websites.

• And a 22% increase in engagement with content.

Six weeks after deploying 1World, for example, Newsweek achieved a 22% increase in time spent on its platform, and an additional $65,000 in ad revenue.

Founder Alex Fedosseev started 1World Online in 2011, after participating in three successful “exits” with previous companies. Notably, he was Senior Director of Product for a telecommunications company acquired by Google.

He started 1World Online because the online advertising system is broken. Online ads are annoying interruptions. Pop-ups make it impossible to read a news article. And auto-play videos make browsing a frustrating experience.

Bad advertising has led roughly 2 billion internet users — 47% — to download ad blockers. As a result, the digital media industry is under threat.

Website publishers are experiencing a record decline in reader loyalty, and are unable to guarantee results to advertisers. Advertisers, meanwhile, are experiencing low ROIs and are losing faith in digital advertising. Both sides are seeking a solution to organically engage and retain users online.

1World Online offers such a solution. Here’s how its service works:

First, users browse their favorite websites. As they consume content, targeted polls appear.

Next, the user is rewarded for submitting responses. They can redeem loyalty points they earn for cryptocurrency tokens or actual goods.

Finally, the user is presented with relevant, targeted ads while they are engaged with the content.

To complete this three-step process, 1World Online deploys its product: 1World Widgets. These are embedded on thousands of websites across the internet. Deployment takes seconds with a line of code. And content can be created by the company’s team, chosen from an existing library, or syndicated with advertising partners.

As users engage with the widgets, targeted ads can be placed around them. As mentioned, these ad units convert up to 10x better than traditional static ads across search engines and social media platforms.

There are also 1WO Tokens. These tokens are used for transactions in the 1World ecosystem. Advertisers use them to purchase advertising space on websites deployed with 1World Widgets. Users earn points as they engage with the widgets. Once enough points are earned, they can be used to redeem 1WO tokens. Users can hold tokens for various benefits or convert them to fiat on crypto exchanges like Pillar and Liquid.

1World receives a percentage of the revenue from ad units that are attached to each 1World Widget. Additional revenue is generated from licensing and analytics.

1World’s customers are publishers of websites and advertisers of well-known brands. Notable publishers include Newsweek, International Business Times, and Reuters. Notable advertisers include Walmart, Google, and Microsoft.

1World has more than 3,000 registered publishers and advertisers globally. To date, more than 15 million users have engaged with 1World Widgets.

The company’s revenues are on the rise — from $1.2 million in 2017 to $1.8 million in 2018 to $2 million in 2019.

1World has raised $12 million from investors including Berkeley Angel Network, Defta Partners, and Altair Capital.

Team Background

Alex Fedosseev - Founder & CEO

Alex is a serial entrepreneur with three successful exits under his belt.

He was a Director at 2Wire, a telecommunications company acquired by Pace, the world’s largest set-top box maker, for $475 million. From there, he was Vice President of Product for 4Home, a computer software company acquired by Motorola Mobility. He was then Senior Director of Product for this company when it was later acquired by Google.

In addition to his role with 1World Online, Alex is an advisor and investor in Fifth Era, a boutique investment firm focusing on early-stage startups targeting the blockchain sector.

He holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Moscow State University.

Dan Ward - Head of Operations

Dan has 15 years of experience in the digital media industry. He’s spent that time growing revenue, running operations, advertising, and marketing services.

He began his career as an advertising sales manager with Travelocity.com, a travel booking website. From there, he worked in advertising for Dailymotion, a video streaming service.

Following that, he served as Senior Manager of Business Solutions for MySpace, a social platform where artists can share their work with other creators. He then became a senior manager for advertising technology and solutions with NBCUniversal Media.

More recently, Dan was Senior Director for Advertising Operations with Healthgrades, a healthcare company.

He studied History at the University of Illinois and earned an MBA from the University of Colorado.

Andrii Pylypenko - Head of Engineering

Andrii has two decades of software development experience.

He began his career as a developer with P-Product, an IT services company. From there, he was Chief Technology Officer for Hipsto, another IT services company.

More recently, he was a senior project manager with WellnessLiving, a computer software company. After that, he spent 14 years as a senior software engineer and project manager with Business Automatics, a computer software company.

Andrii holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology and Computer Science.

Sergey Bykov - Chief Technology Officer

Before joining 1World Online, Sergey spent 10 years with P-Product, an IT services company. He served as a team lead and senior architect.

Before that, he spent time as a java developer with a trio of software companies: Smiss Ltd., Sigma, and XXX.

He earned a Master’s degree in Computer Systems from National Aerospace University.


AltalR Capital

A VC firm investing in early-stage Internet companies whose portfolio includes Juno, Unomy, and Keen Systems.

Berkeley Angel Network

A group of angel investors consisting of alumni and faculty of UC Berkeley.

Brand Capital

A VC fund investing in early-stage startups. Portfolio includes Uber and Birchbox.

Defta Partners

A VC fund investing in early-stage technology startups.

$1.07 million
$235K (22%)
Current Valuation
$45 million Cap / 20% Discount
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
Offering Type
Finance History
  • $1 million
    (Series A)
  • $3 million
    Brand Capital
    (Series A)
  • $8.50 million
    Brand Capital
    (Series A)
Notable Investors
  • AltalR Capital
  • Berkeley Angel Network
  • Brand Capital
  • Defta Partners
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