3C Bio Inc.

Mobile Testing Sites for Covid-19

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Los Angeles, CA

3C Bio is constructing a nationwide network of mobile diagnostic laboratories for Covid-19 testing.

To date, the lack of adequate testing facilities has been a major pain point in the fight against the coronavirus. Often, plans to build these facilities have been delayed due to building permits.

3C Bio’s mobile labs can be built and equipped in as little as 10 days — 24 months faster than traditional brick-and-mortar labs. Once built, these labs can be deployed nearly anywhere in the U.S. within 24 hours, as well as Canada and Central America.

3C Bio has completed the design of its labs and diagnostic systems. Equipment specifications and testing protocols are nearly finished. The company is raising funds to begin scaling its operation.

Team Background

D.A. Therrien - Chief Strategy Officer
Mark Mendel - CEO & President