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Austin, TX

By 2025, 3D printing is expected to be a $120 billion market.

Some companies in this market can print large-sized objects; others are equipped to print objects quickly. Some companies specialize in printing machine-related parts. And some are geared toward serving industrial customers.

But only one company offers ALL these capabilities. It's a startup called Accelerate3D.

Accelerate3D uses its own line of patented high-speed 3D printers to print large three-dimensional parts and components. Initially, the company is targeting the market for autonomous mobile robots, used in sectors including delivery, warehousing, construction, and security.

With its line of printers, Accelerate3D aims to create a nationwide network of micro-factories. Through these facilities, customers will be able to request various 3D parts and have them printed quickly and efficiently. Accelerate3D aims to have its inaugural factory, located in Austin, Texas, up and running by the end of 2021.

The capabilities of Accelerate3D’s printers enable this company to act as a manufacturing bridge, covering the gap between high-cost custom manufacturing and low-cost, high volume manufacturing.

As professional services company Deloitte noted recently, “Manufacturers are feeling the pressure — and gaining the ability — to increase both speed to market and customer engagement. And numerous factors are leading manufacturers to build to order, rather than building to stock.”

Accelerate3D can help with this new way of doing business.

As mentioned, this company is different than most of its competitors. For example, most companies can only print smaller items, and their target customer is an individual or small business. Meanwhile, other companies in the industry aim to sell the actual printers they build.

Accelerate3D works differently. It doesn’t sell the printers it’s built. Instead, it uses them in-house in its factories to print parts and components for customers. Customers order parts, either from Accelerate3D’s digital warehouse or via a custom request. The company then prints and ships the parts, and charges customers for each part printed.

Accelerate3D aims to have its first service-ready machine by Q3 2021. By the end of 2022, the company projects having five machines up and running and aims to reach $1 million in annual revenue.

In the meantime, Accelerate3D was selected for the STANLEY + Techstars Additive Manufacturing accelerator. Techstars is a prominent startup accelerator and has previously guided such success stories as Uber, Twilio, and Latch.

Team Background

Riley Knox - Co-Founder & CEO

Riley has five years of hands-on experience with 3D printing technology. Prior to starting Accelerate3D, he co-founded Modern Met Towers, an engineering company.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Texas Tech University.

Sabine Resogali - Co-Founder & COO

Sabine has extensive experience in materials science. She previously worked as a research technician for the University of Buenos Aires in its R&D Analytical Lab. She also worked as a technician for the Instituto Nacional de Tecnologia Industrial.

Matt Mills - Chief Technology Officer

Matt has worked as a software developer, systems architect, and product manager for 20 years. He specializes in helping emerging companies grow into successful businesses.

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