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Simplifying the "Smart" Home

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Internet of Things


Brooksville, FL

Atmos is on a mission to simplify the “smart” home.

According to McKinsey & Company, more than 20 million U.S. homes have “smart” devices. 44% of those homes have multiple devices — but managing multiple devices can be confusing.

That’s why Atmos created a smart-home control system. This system manages all of a user’s “connected” devices and eliminates the need to use individual mobile apps.

As the company says, Atmos is “like a universal remote control for the smart home.”

In early 2019, Atmos sold more than 1,000 systems during a 120-day pre-launch sale. The company has since received interest from 150 smart home installers and builders who would like to resell its system.

Atmos won the Residential Systems Award at the Consumer Electronics Show, and has been featured in CNet, ZDNet, Digital Trends, and Tech Radar.

Team Background

Mark Lyle - Co-Founder & CEO
Chris Ladwig - Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer


Luminance Brands

A leader in providing customized lighting solutions.

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