Wireless Loudspeaker System

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Atlanta, GA

Audios has created a loudspeaker system for weddings, trade shows, and outdoor events.

This system features speakers that are cable-less, battery-powered, and don’t require a Wi-Fi router or Bluetooth connection.

Audios loudspeakers save time and money. And just as importantly, they solve many of the problems associated with current audio options.

The main problem is that speaker cables are inconvenient and expensive. Cables can cost as much as $200 per speaker. And connecting multiple speakers and cables takes time.

Small events like weddings can involve an hour of setup time, and cost nearly $1,000. Larger events, such as trade shows, can require hundreds of cables, involve several days of setup time, and cost more than $25,000.

Audios makes it easy to set up a professional-quality speaker system.

This company is led by two engineering experts, who both spent time with Hewlett Packard. They’ve also both been awarded multiple patents for their work. Assisting them is advisor Dan Wiggins, a former audio engineer with Sonos, an electronics company that sells wireless speakers.

Users can connect up to 16 Audios speakers, and each speaker can stream synchronized audio at a distance of up to 100 feet apart. Batteries can be swapped out while the loudspeaker is on and playing music.

Audios has been granted a patent for its audio connection method, and has a pending patent for its “speaker mesh” concept. It also has a provisional patent for its battery replacement feature.

Audios is one of two large scale speaker companies that provides a completely wireless audio solution to venues. However, its speakers’ range, battery life, and audio power outperform the competition. Furthermore, its affordably and quick setup time make it a superior option to traditional speakers.

Revisiting the earlier examples using Audios speakers, a wedding can be set up in about 10 minutes, while a corporate event can take less than a day. And because the speakers are wireless, neither event requires any cost for cables.

Audios will use a hybrid business model to target the $4 billion loudspeaker sector. This is part of the larger wireless speaker market, which is expected to reach $27 billion by 2023.

Under this business model, Audios will generate revenue through speaker rentals and sales. The company estimates renting speakers for $200 a pair.

Audios hasn’t started generating revenue yet. However, it’s in early discussions with a Global 500 competitor about licensing its technology. It’s also established business-to-business partnerships with Moor Productions in Miami, and PBE in Las Vegas.

The company has received Letters of Intent from artists and production companies such as Naughty By Nature, a Grammy-Award-winning hip hop group. And it’s raised more than $225,000 in pre-seed capital.

Long-term, Audios aims to expand beyond events and develop a line of consumer products. These will include personal speakers, headphones, and smart home devices.

Team Background

Erik Young - Co-Founder & CEO

Erik began his career as a software engineer with Northrup Grumman, a defense contractor. From there, he spent seven years with Hewlett-Packard, working as a performance engineer and software engineer. While with HP, he was awarded five patents and had his work published twice.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Central Florida.

Dan Wiggins - Advisor

Dan is an expert in the audio industry.

For the past 13 years, he has owned DW Designs, his own consulting business, where he acts as an acoustics consultant and engineer.

Four years ago, he co-founded Periodic Audio, a company developing in-ear monitors and audio-related products. Before that, he was Chief Technology Officer for Starke Sound, a high-end audio manufacturer.

Notably, he was a principal engineer with Sonos, a consumer electronics company specializing in wireless speakers. Prior to that, he spent five years as an audio engineering contractor with Microsoft.

Dan earned a degree in Electrical Engineering from Seattle Pacific University.

David Engler - Co-Founder & CFO

David has 30 years of experience building hardware products, including a 23-year career as a hardware engineer with HP. While there, he was awarded 14 patents.

Charles Huang - Advisor

Charles is an angel investor and a veteran of the video game industry.

He co-created “Guitar Hero,” a popular music-based video game that grossed over $1.8 billion in sales in its first three years.

His audio experience also includes time as co-founder of Singtrix, a company creating consumer electronics for karaoke singing.

Charles earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley.

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