Back Porch Homes

Tiny Homes on Wheels

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Riverside, CA

Back Porch Homes is aiming to solve the U.S. housing shortage.

The company designs and sells what it calls “tiny homes on wheels.” These 255-square-foot homes feature standard-size appliances (rather than the mini appliances found in RVs) and ample storage space. Each home sells for $50,000.

The homes are designed for the following demographics:

• Elderly single residents.

• Disabled relatives.

• Recent college graduates.

• Young professionals.

• And homeless veterans.

Back Porch has received more than $4.3 million worth of pre-orders for its homes, and has raised $577,000 from investors. Its team has a combined 30 years of experience in the real estate industry.

Team Background

Stephen McKee - Co-Founder
Todd Bayer - Co-Founder