Sensor For Relieving Back Pain

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Medical Devices & Equipment


Newport Beach, CA

Americans spend $50 billion a year trying to relieve back pain.

BackAlert is disrupting this market with its tech-enabled therapeutic workouts.

The company’s solution is a sensor that attaches to a user’s back and helps create the right spinal alignment.

This patented sensor tracks movement, and vibrates when the user does anything that might harm their back — for example, slouching.

At the same time, this sensor pairs with an interactive, at-home 21-day wellness video system. These videos feature physical therapy exercises focused on stretching, strengthening, and massaging the back.

The company has already received investments from Y Combinator, Harvard Business Angels, and Charge Ventures. It has a utility patent on its sensor, and has generated $160,000 in revenue in the past three months.

Team Background

Josh McCoy - Chief Technology Officer
Doug Hoang - CEO