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Austin, TX

Choose Health is an at-home health tracking service that provides actionable insights.

It was created to empower individuals to take control of their health. With Choose Health, users can conduct a simple, at-home blood test. Once their sample is analyzed, they can track metrics and health markers including blood sugar levels, cholesterol, inflammation, and insulin sensitivity.

At first blush, this idea might sound similar to Theranos, which made headlines as a Silicon Valley success story, and grew to a valuation of around $9 billion.

But Choose Health is a far different story than Theranos. While Theranos falsely claimed to be able to test blood using a proprietary device, Choose Health partners with nationally accredited labs to test its users’ samples.

This company’s focus is on making health testing more accessible by:

• Improving the customer experience.

• Keeping services affordable.

• And helping users improve their health literacy over time.

The problem with the current blood testing landscape is that patients don’t want to go to a clinic to have their blood drawn and tested. This is especially true in the midst of Covid-19.

As such, remote, at-home lab testing is the future.

This future is critical to the healthcare industry. After all, 50% of Americans suffer from at least one chronic disease. For these patients, blood testing can provide more actionable insight than traditional check-ups and lab visits alone. Choose Health is providing an at-home testing option for these patients.

Here’s how it works:

First, users take a short survey to learn which health markers are most relevant to them. Next, they order a test kit, which consists of an at-home finger prick test to draw blood.

Finally, they send the kit back for testing — tests are run at a third-party nationally accredited lab — and receive the results in as soon as three days.

Choose Health operates under a subscription business model. This enables patients to conduct quarterly blood tests to track their health. Subscriptions are $68 per test, or $272 per year.

To attract users, Choose Health sells its kits direct-to-consumer and has business-to-business physician distribution channels. Notably, its business through Amazon has grown 10x in the past three months.

Currently, Choose Health’s physician distribution business includes more than 60 active physician partners and a network of more than 800 physicians.

The company has more than 350 active subscriptions and is on track to exceed 2,000 by the end of 2020. That would increase its monthly recurring revenues from $6,000 (current) to $50,000.

As of April 2020, Choose Health is also selling Covid-19 antibody testing kits. These kits are sold through its physician network.

With funds raised, the company will focus on software and product development, as well as increasing its marketing and sales efforts.

Team Background

Mark Holland - Founder

Mark is a growth strategy and marketing specialist with a history of scaling businesses.

Early in his career, he spent 10 years as CEO of Lifes2good, a consumer products company that was acquired by a larger competitor.

From there, he was an advisor with Carbon to Clean, a platform investing in early-stage companies focused on helping the environment. Most recently, he was Managing Partner with CPG Experience, a venture and portfolio brand helping companies improve customer experiences.

Mark earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Studies from the University of Limerick.

Michael Aaron - Chief Marketing Officer

Michael began his career as Media Director for M2K, a digital advertising agency. From there, he became a strategic marketing manager with Citigroup.

More recently, he was Chief Operating Officer with Attention, a social media marketing agency whose clients included Mattel, Michelin, Verizon, Smirnoff, and Banana Republic. He later became Senior Director of Business Development with Razorfish, a marketing and advertising company.

Notably, Michael led marketing teams at two companies in the health and wellness space: Onnit and Canvas Group.

He earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the University of Texas.

Sarah Mosser - VP of Sales

Sarah has 15 years of sales experience, including time in the medical, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical markets.

She began in sales with Miltenyi Biotech, a biotechnology company. From there, she was a pharmaceutical sales representative with Warner Chilcott, a pharmaceutical company.

After that, she was a regional field trainer with Romark, a pharmaceutical company, and then became a sales consultant with Bio-Botanical Research. Most recently, she was a sales manager with Percepta Professional, a health and wellness company.

She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from San Diego State University.