Protect Your Cell Phone from Extreme Weather

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Consumer Products


Newbury Park, CA

ClimateCase makes a cell phone case that protects your phone from extreme weather conditions.

This patent-pending case prevents phones from overheating or freezing in harsh weather. And it can restore an already overheated or frozen phone in 60 seconds. No other product in the world can do that.

ClimateCase sells its cases through its website, as well as through Amazon and Best Buy. Manufacturing costs are $3.90 per unit, and each case retails for $34.99, giving ClimateCase an 888% profit margin.

The company signed an endorsement deal with the U.S. Winter Olympic Skiing and Snowboarding teams. And Oprah Winfrey chose its product as a “must have” item.

Team Background

Joseph Orlando - Financial Advisor
Larry Monte - COO & VP of Sales
Lisa Lambert - CEO & President