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Austin, TX

Creative 3D Technologies is creating an innovative line of 3D printers.

Its first printer, the Duo, features several different “modes,” including:

Mirror Mode: This enables users to print a model, and its mirrored counterpart, at the same time.

Ditto Mode: This enables users to print duplicate copies of an object.

Dual Process Mode: In this mode, users can complete complex prints with challenging shapes, geometries, and properties.

By 2025, the global 3D printing market is projected to reach $63 billion. Creative 3D Technologies has created a prototype of its Duo printer, been featured in more than 20 media outlets, and raised funds from Creative ITC, a global IT company.

Team Background

Ethan Baehrend - Founder & CEO
$1.07 million
$49K (5%)
Current Valuation
$4.50 million Cap / 20% Discount
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
Offering Type
Convertible Debt
Finance History
  • $35K
    Creative ITC
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