CureLab Veterinary

A Proven Cancer Treatment for Pets

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Boston, MA

Ninety-five percent of pet owners consider their pet part of the family.

But these family members often suffer from terrible diseases as they age, including osteoarthritis, and even cancer. Half of all dogs and cats over the age of ten will be diagnosed with cancer. And more than eighty percent of dogs over seven, and ninety percent of cats over twelve, will suffer from osteoarthritis.

CureLab Veterinary is a biotech company that aims to help our furry friends. It’s developed plasmid technology that’s poised to revolutionize cancer treatment in animals by regulating the body’s immune system and lowering inflammation.

This company was created in November 2020 as a sister venture to CureLab Oncology, a biotech company aiming to cure cancer in people. CureLab Oncology has successfully completed Phase I trials of its lead product and is preparing for Phase II trials.

CureLab Veterinary, meanwhile, has created its own product, an anti-cancer/anti-inflammatory therapeutic called ElenaVet. Though still in development, this treatment has successfully saved ten of eleven dogs with breast cancer, and precluded, or delayed, the metastatic process (i.e., the spread of disease) in dogs with melanoma. Similar results have been achieved with cats.

ElenaVet corrects the tumor microenvironment surrounding cancer cells, making it more favorable for anti-cancer immunity. Additionally, the therapeutic changes the tumor structure itself, making it harder for metastatic cells to exit the tumor and spread in the body.

CureLab Veterinary plans to market ElenaVet to vets as an effective, affordable treatment for breast cancer compared to chemotherapy. One round of this drug will cost about $1,000 for the pet owner, which compares to as much as $5,000 for one round of chemotherapy.

FDA and USDA officials have jointly reviewed ElenaVet and decided that approval will be determined by the USDA’s Center for Veterinary Biologics. Expedited safety studies in the U.S. and efficacy testing is needed prior to conditional approval.

Following its initial product, CureLab Veterinary aims to create therapies for osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, and general aging.

Team Background

Vlad Gabai - VP of R&D

Vlad has more than thirty years of drug-development experience. He has written more than eighty papers and conducted extensive research on anti-cancer drugs.

Previously, he enjoyed an academic career at Boston University and Boston Biomedical Research Institute.

Alex Shneider - Founder & Chairman of the Board

Alex has twenty-five years of biotech and entrepreneurial experience.

In addition to his role with CureLab, he is a senior research fellow at the University of Ariel in Israel, studying molecular biology. He’s also an editorial board member for medical journals including Aging and Cell Cycle.

Throughout his career, he’s concentrated on drug development, R&D, and commercialization. He’s also consulted for several Fortune 100 companies.

Alex holds a Ph.D.

Robert Devlin - President

Robert has experience as both a practicing veterinarian and business executive. His focus is on multi-channel business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales within the animal-health market.

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