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Reimagining the Engine

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Hollywood, CA

Detonation Space is reimagining the engine.

It’s developed rotating detonation engines (RDEs) that are 30% more efficient than conventional combustion engines.

With its patent-pending technology, drones can fly longer, planes can accommodate more passengers, and rockets can travel farther and carry more payload.

Traditional combustion engines are heavy, expensive, and limited in terms of power. RDEs, in contrast, operate without high pressure compressors or turbines. The result is an engine that’s 40% lighter and consumes 30% less fuel.

Detonation Space has created a prototype of its Lundet-7 Engine and completed initial tests. It plans to perform its first flight test using the engine in 2022.

Team Background

Emre Taskin - Design Engineer
Ali Cem Bulut - Test Engineer
Umit Yelken - CEO & Director
$1.07 million
$60K (6%)
Current Valuation
$15 million Cap / 20% Discount
Min. Investment
Deal Type
Title III
(For all investors)
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Convertible Debt
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