Dome Audio

Futuristic Audio Headphones

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Rahway, NJ

Dome Audio is creating “The future of sound.”

It’s created patent-pending headphones that feature bluetooth technology and surround sound.

Dome’s design allows for both open- and closed-ear listening. Open-ear listening allows the user to hear content like music, news, and podcasts while simultaneously hearing important ambient sounds in their environment.

Listeners can also attach Dome’s noise isolation covers and hear their audio without any outside distractions.

While conventional headphones produce sound that directly impacts the inner ear, Dome's produce sound through a series of vibrations. This process, known as bone conduction technology, reduces the risk of hearing loss caused by audio headphones.

Advisor Thomas Dawson, who produced music for multi-platinum band Commodores, and has worked with artists including Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez, said of the company’s product:

“Dome’s headphones has changed the game with an ingenious way to experience all things audio.”

Dome has developed initial prototypes of its headphones, and established partnerships with athletes in the NBA and NFL. Sales will begin in Q1 2020.

Team Background

Eric Vinson - Chief Business Officer
Christopher Chambers - Chief Financial Officer
Tim Wright - Chief Strategy Officer
Ben White - Chief Executive Officer