Your Next Package — Delivered by Robots

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Transportation Services


Sparta, NJ

DriveMind is using self-driving robots to solve a major problem: “last-mile” delivery.

Nearly half of all companies say that the last mile — the final step that goods travel on their journey to a customer's front door — is the most costly and inefficient step.

Automation is a fast-growing solution to this problem. In fact, the global autonomous last-mile delivery industry is projected to reach $76 billion by 2030. And DriveMind is targeting this technology with its fleet of autonomous delivery robots.

The company’s robots are five-foot-tall and electric, and they
have locked compartments to carry goods. Equipped with proprietary technology, these vehicles can navigate busy urban streets on their own to deliver products efficiently.

DriveMind is still developing its prototype. It expects to start generating revenue in about two years.

Team Background

Howard Stark - Founder & CEO