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Real-Time Training for Medical Workers

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Medical Facilities & Services


Oakland, CA

Elemeno Health helps medical workers save lives on the front lines.

It’s a digital health platform designed by doctors and nurses — those on the “front lines” of the medical industry — that equips them with the knowledge they need to deliver the right care at the right time.

Elemeno Health has raised more than $3 million from investors including Y Combinator, Launchpad Digital Health, and Global Health Investment Fund. Its platform is used at more than 20 healthcare facilities nationwide, including Massachusetts General Hospital, Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, and University of California, San Francisco Health. And it's achieved 300% user growth between 2018 and 2020.

The company just crossed the $1 million annual recurring revenue mark, and is seeking capital to expand its use in the healthcare industry.

Simply put, Elemeno Health was designed to address a major problem in healthcare: the widening gap between institutional knowledge and bedside practice. In other words, the growing disconnect between what healthcare institutions teach and what doctors and nurses actually practice. There are a few reasons this gap exists:

First, healthcare is becoming increasingly complex. Best practices are rapidly changing, and frontline staff members can’t keep up.

Second, many institutions rely on outdated training and communication methods — binders, fliers, e-mails, in-person staff meetings. As Elemeno Health puts it, these “20th century solutions don’t work in 21st century medicine.”

Finally, the healthcare industry experiences significant staff turnover, making it hard to ever establish a consistent standard of care. 33% of nurses leave the profession within the first two years. And 1 in 3 hospitals in America have a nurse vacancy rate of more than 10%.

This knowledge-practice gap doesn’t just make it hard to streamline communication. It also results in costly, devastating medical errors.

Medical errors are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. Nearly 100,000 Americans die in hospitals every year because of medical errors — more than 500 every 48 hours. And according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, medical errors cost the U.S. $20 billion a year. All of those lives, and billions of dollars a year, simply due to a lack of communication.

That’s where Elemeno Health enters the picture. Its platform closes the gap between knowledge and practice, equipping frontline workers with the information they need to reduce care variation, burnout, and medical errors.

The platform offers real-time training and support, or as Elemeno Health describes, “an expert in your pocket.” It enables doctors and nurses to access interactive guidelines, checklists, and how-to videos. Furthermore, it makes complicated practices actionable, so staff members can actually deliver them. A feedback loop gives frontline workers a voice so that management can proactively address problems before they spiral out of control.

Elemeno Health’s platform was designed for the $2 billion U.S. market for clinical staff. This includes hospitals, nursing homes, hospice, and home health workers.

To implement its platform, the company uses a “land and expand” approach. This involves putting its platform to work in one or two departments within a hospital to prove its value. Then, once the initial staff members see its benefits, it then expands its presence throughout the rest of the institution.

Elemeno Health focuses on small- and medium-sized hospitals. It charges an annual subscription fee and an initial onboarding fee. Notably, its platform acts as a standalone product. This means it doesn’t require integration with complicated or dated hospital IT systems. Frontline workers simply download the app and get started.

Elemeno Health has received multiple awards for its platform. It won the 7th Annual East Bay Innovation Award for Life Sciences, and was the 2018 winner of Overall Digital Health Innovation Award from MedTech Breakthrough.

The company was named a top Health/Life Sciences startup in 2019 by the NJ Tech Council and named a 2019 Fierce15 Company by FierceHealthcare.

Team Background

Arup Roy-Burman - Co-Founder & CEO

Arup has been practicing medicine for more than 20 years.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the UC Berkeley, and an M.D. from UCSF, he completed his residency in the Pediatrics Residency Program at Stanford University School of Medicine.

He began his career working in Pediatrics at Marin General Hospital. After nine years, he became President of the Children’s Critical Care Medical Group, a private group providing pediatric services to the ICU unit at the Benioff Children’s Hospital in Oakland.

While part of this group, Arup spent nine years as a pediatric intensivist at Benioff. He provided full-time clinical pediatric critical care services to the ICU. He also led the development of the hospital’s telemedicine program and participated in quality improvement initiatives.

From there, he became Assistant Medical Director for REACH Air Medical Services, a company providing emergency air medical transport services.

He then moved to the UCSF Medical Center, where he served as Director of the hospital’s first dedicated flight transport team. He also led the development of the hospital’s Access Center Salesforce system, which tracks and optimizes communication between physicians and hospitals. During this time, he also served as Medical Director of the Pediatric ICU.

More recently, Arup was Assistant Medical Director of the California Shock Trauma Air Rescue, which he worked at until 2016, when he started Elemeno Health.

In addition to these achievements, he has been an associate professor of pediatrics at UCSF since 2000. He’s also spent 17 years on the Board of Directors for Global Healing, an organization dedicated to improving healthcare in the developing world.

He’s also spent the last 14 years as Chairman of the Northern California Pediatric Intensive Care Network.

Carole Klove - Chief Nursing Officer

Carole has more than 30 years of experience in healthcare as a nurse, attorney, consultant, and executive.

She started her career as an associate, and then partner, with Davis Wright Tremaine, one of the nation’s largest law firms. During her seven years there, she focused on regulatory and litigation matters for health care clients.

From there, she became a principal at Deloitte, a management consulting company. She focused on the healthcare industry and helped build regulatory practices with a focus on enterprise risk services.

For three years, she was Chief Compliance Officer for Stanford Hospital and Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital. After that, she held the same position with UCLA Medical Sciences.

More recently, Carole spent six years as Director of Special Projects for UCSF Medical Center.

Before joining Elemeno, she spent four years as an independent healthcare consultant. She advised healthcare and life sciences companies on regulatory issues such as data privacy, clinical research, compliance, and reimbursement.

She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Duke University (where she serves on the Alumni Board of Directors), and a Law degree from Southwestern Law School.

Ed Nanale - Advisor

Ed is the engineer behind Elemeno. He’s been building engaging digital applications for 20 years at notable companies including Electronic Arts, Maxis, and Lucas Arts.

After earning a degree in Applied Physics from California Institute of Technology, Ed worked as a lead engineer for Martinsound, a professional audio and film studio.

From there, he was a senior engineer for Worlds Inc., a software company. He was the lead programmer for a program called Starbright World. This 3D online world was developed for hospitalized children so they could interact with their peers in hospitals across America. This program was awarded the 1996 National Information Infrastructure Award.

He then spent two years as Lead Engineer with Maxis, a video game company best known for the popular video game “The Sims.” Ed was the lead developer for “SimPark,” a simulation game that was part of the “Sims” family. This game won a Technology and Learning Software Award.

Then, after working briefly as a senior software engineer for a startup, Ed became Lead Engineer for Lucas Learning, an educational technology company founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas. While there, he co-designed “Star Wars Pit Droids,” a logic and puzzle game for kids that won a 2000 CODIE Award and a New Media Prize.

After that, he became a lead engineer for Omniva Policy Systems, a company providing policy solutions that was acquired in 2004. And then he spent 12 years with Electronic Arts, serving as Technical Director. He designed popular games including “Darkspore” and “SimCity.” At its peak, “SimCity” had more than 2 million users.

Steve Mundro - VP of Engineering

Before joining Elemeno, Steve was a senior front-end engineer with AlphaFlow, an investment management company. He designed and built the internal and customer tools that help users manage real estate loans.

Prior to that, he co-founded Cadency, a computer software company, where he built an ArtificialIntelligence-powered enterprise hiring service.

He spent four years as a consultant, working with startups and non-profits to redesign and rebuild web-based applications. Before that, he was Product Director for GSN Games, part of the Game Show Network.

Earlier in his career, Steve co-founded Mesmo Games, a company creating online games for Facebook, and was a senior developer for PhoneSpots, a software provider for mobile operators.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin.

Scott Cohen - Chief Operating Officer

Scott has extensive experience in healthcare administration.

Prior to joining Elemeno, he spent 13 years with Athenahealth, a company providing services for healthcare and point-of-care mobile apps in the U.S. As Vice President of Client Development, he led the company from 200 employees to 6,000 and over $1 billion in annual revenue.

Before that, he was Finance Officer at the UCSF Medical School’s Department of Pediatrics. He spent a year prior to that as Practice Director with IT Optimizers, a healthcare IT services company, and spent nearly four years as Director of Account Management for WebMD, one of the top healthcare-related information websites.

He began his career as a manager for Accenture, a professional services company.

Scott earned a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas and a Master’s degree in Health Services Administration from the University of Southern California.


Launchpad Digital Health

Investing in early-stage companies that focus on the digital health market.

Y Combinator

Seed-stage accelerator whose alumni include Scribd, Reddit, Airbnb, Dropbox and Stripe

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$20 million
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  • Launchpad Digital Health
  • Y Combinator
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