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To provide energy for our homes and offices, electricity distribution companies have traditionally relied on sprawling networks of power lines. But these lines are expensive and difficult to build, install and maintain, particularly in remote areas.

Emrod is creating a solution to this problem. It’s building a long-range power transfer system that’s completely wireless. In other words, this company’s system delivers electricity without power lines.

Its proprietary technology works by converting electricity into electromagnetic energy. This energy is shaped into a collimated beam and sent directly through the air — from a transmitting antenna to a receiving one. At the receiving antenna, the energy is converted back into electricity for use by consumers.

Emrod’s unique system enables it to target a number of fast-growing industries, including the electrification of marine, aviation, and mining. This represents a nearly $140 billion opportunity.

In 2019, Emrod partnered with Powerco, New Zealand’s second-largest electricity distribution company, to create a proof-of-concept. The company has since developed a prototype of its antennas and a field trial is planned for later this year.

Team Background

Mark Tomkins - Product Manager
Ray Simpkin - Chief Science Officer
Greg Kushnir - Founder & CEO
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