Fruit Street Health

Telemedicine Platform for Covid-19

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New York, NY

By 2030, 50% of all health care services will be virtual. That’s why the U.S. telemedicine market is projected to reach $175 billion by 2026.

Fruit Street Health is a telehealth company targeting this market.

It offers telemedicine services through its own business and managed medical practices. These services include general telehealth software that’s licensed to other partners, and an online diabetes prevention program that’s recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In the wake of Covid-19, Fruit Street Health also manages CovidMD, a platform specifically designed to assess and treat coronavirus patients.

With CovidMD, patients take a risk quiz online to assess their symptoms, exposure, and likelihood of illness. CovidMD then gives patients immediate answers about what to do next, and provides immediate access to care via live video chat with a doctor.

Team Background

Laurence Girard - Chief Executive Officer
Ian McFarland - Chief Technology Officer
Anjmun Sharma - Director and Lead Medical Advisor