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Dublin, CA

goDeskless is a software-as-a-service company.

It’s created a platform to help companies with “deskless" workers automate and streamline business processes.

Roughly 80% of the world’s workforce, or 2.7 billion people, is made up of deskless workers. This includes service repairmen, construction workers, and transportation/delivery workers.

Because these workers spend their days out of an office — i.e. out from behind a desk — they need solutions to conduct business, engage with customers, and stay in touch with supervisors.

In a recent survey, 82% of companies planned to increase spending on technology-based solutions for these workers.

To try and profit from this trend, several notable venture capital groups have begun investing in companies developing software for deskless workers. These include Google Ventures, GE Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Kleiner Perkins, and Y Combinator.

Last year, the automation/workflow software industry alone received more than $10 billion in funding from VCs — an 11-year high.

goDeskless is targeting this industry with its software specifically designed for deskless workers.

Its software is comprised of three main components: Data Cloud, Engagement Cloud, and Enterprise Cloud.

Data Cloud centralizes and transforms enterprise data into simple, consumable data sets. It also provides reporting and predictive analysis capabilities to businesses. This enables workers in the field to retrieve important data as they need it.

In addition, data collected in the Data Cloud is indexed in real-time. All data is also synchronized with a company’s customer relationship management, or CRM, platform.

Engagement Cloud enables businesses to provide native app functionalities that can be embedded into smart devices.

As an example, a voice assistant function can enable workers to receive answers to questions like “How many installations do I have on my schedule today?”

Furthermore, this component enables companies to offer features like chat communication and incident reporting capabilities. All of these functionalities can be embedded into existing business apps, eliminating the need for a standalone app.

Finally, Enterprise Cloud provides businesses common enterprise features in the form of micro services. These services, which include data automation and localization, enable workers to manage their business, and enable supervisors to run things through a single administrator.

In addition to these components, goDeskless’ software also includes a service called TrackHelp. With this, deskless workers use a dashboard to keep track of their tasks, assets, and work history.

Workers can map out and plan their days using TrackHelp. It features a calendar and map view of his/her scheduled appointments. They can even find the optimal route to an appointment and receive notifications to keep them up to date on their schedule.

A secure customer engagement feature enables workers to visually collaborate with customers. This helps businesses avoid unnecessary in-person visits, and keeps people safe during Covid-19.

In addition, a Field Service element enables workers to view the history of a specific asset (for instance, an appliance installed by a repairman.) The worker can auto-schedule service appointments based on the asset’s service history.

goDeskless sells its software through a few channels. These include direct-to-consumer, wholesale to re-sellers, and bulk sales as a white-label product to Managed Service Providers.

The company charges clients $39 per active user per month. Clients must have a minimum of 20 users to use its software.

Since launching in 2016, goDeskless has generated more than $2.2 million in revenue. This includes more than $600,000 in 2019, when the company achieved 87% gross margins.

goDeskless has several notable customers using its software, including:

• Bechtel: The 14th-largest private company in the U.S., with annual revenues of more than $25 billion.

• TATA Motors: India’s largest automobile manufacturer with annual revenue of $45 billion.

• Volvo: A Swedish auto manufacturer with $26 billion in annual revenue.

• TCL: An Indian telecommunications provider with $2.2 billion in 2018-19 revenue.

• TIG: A global IT infrastructure service provider offering solutions in 108 countries.

• Workset: A Germany-based managed services provider for the telecommunications industry.

goDeskless also has third-party partnerships with two software companies: ServiceNow (NYSE: NOW), which has a market cap of $75 billion, and Freshworks, valued at $3.5 billion.

With funds raised, goDeskless will increase its marketing efforts and develop new services. These include adding a predictive algorithm feature to its software, an AI chat bot, and an extension of its platform to wearable devices.

Team Background

Ashish Joshi - Co-Founder & CEO

Ashish has more than 20 years of experience in the customer relationship management enterprise applications industry.

Before starting goDeskless, he was a product leader at Oracle, a software company, where he managed its service and engagement products.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the University of Pune, a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics from Louisiana Tech University, and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Pramod Cherukumilli - Chief Technology Officer

Pramod joined goDeskless in 2018. He has nearly 20 years of engineering and product management experience, with a focus on cloud data management.

Before goDeskless, he was a product leader at Cisco, a company selling hardware and telecommunications equipment. While there, he led cloud data security teams.

He earned a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Colorado State University and an MBA from UC Berkeley.

Hari Gutalapalli - Co-Founder & Chief Architect

Like his co-worker, Ashish, Hari has more than 20 years of experience in the customer relationship management enterprise industry.

Before starting goDeskless, he led product teams at Kaiser Permanente, Oracle, and Siebel Systems. During this time, he focused on delivering products and solutions across enterprise, cloud, and mobile platforms.

Hari holds a degree in Business Management from Stanford and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Houston.

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